How to Choose among the Best Online Resume Writing Services

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Did you just finish college and are eager to land a job but resume writing isn’t your cup of tea? Maybe like other novices, you decided to hire professional resume writing services believing it’s the best choice to land a job. Oops, don’t enter into a deal just yet. Further, you may be naive to grasp the dangers of trusting anyone who writes resumes on the internet. But one thing is for sure, learning who to entrust your job application will save your quest. Therefore, to avoid fraud, how will you choose from the best online resume writing services? Below is a list of the things you should consider to find the best online resume writing company says career experts from The Balance, Work It Daily, and Dummies.

Ways to Finding the Best Online Resume Writing Services

ways to find the best resume writing services

1. Review the company’s website.

It’s a must for each job seeker to get the company’s info. However, even if this may seem a common practice, many candidates still fail to look at crucial factors that might help them decide. Further, how do you review sites, you ask? Here’s a checklist of what you must check.

  • Website’s appearance or layout

How a website looks reflects what a business can do and how exactly it does things. The way a firm organizes the sections and info and maintains a striking look could mean that they deliver the same quality to its clients.

  • Sample works

The top-rated resume writing services to consider are the ones offering resume samples for an array of jobs and fields. These give you a glimpse of the resume writers’ organizational and writing skills. Further, through these samples, you’d know if the firm applies the current trends in writing. You’re luckier if you find resume firms that display the “before” and “after” copies of a resume. This way, you can determine how much effort did a writer exert in making a candidate’s piece. The best advice for you: look for a sample showing your current situation and specific target post.

  • Certifications, associations, and memberships

Certifying bodies exist to recognize “legit” resume writers. Hence, pros that have the passion for resume writing are willing to meet the criteria and obtain necessary credentials. Three of the biggest certifying groups are PARW/CC, NRWA, and Career Directors. Admittedly, many job seekers are having a hard time looking into one’s credentials and verifying them. Common problems pertain to the accuracy of membership, ways to verify it, and the credibility of the certifying body. Also, paid membership is an issue among resume writing firms. Indeed, new job seekers seem so helpless when it comes to knowing the writer’s credentials. But with strong persistence, you can check on these details with the authorities.

  • Process and policies

Not all resume writing firms employ a certain process in doing their business. Sure, you prefer one that’s easy and convenient. Thus, you should be meticulous when looking for the details about your project timeline. You need to know the sign-up process, turnaround time, revision policy, and possible discussion of your project with the writer. Hence, explore the FAQs section of websites since they often include answers to these queries.

  • Contact details

The company’s contact info on the website shows transparency and “real” existence. Likewise, it suggests that the firm is serious in doing business and willing to assist clients with anything related to their services. Besides, knowing the firm’s address will tell you about time zone difference. At length, try to confirm the phone number by calling it and making inquiries.

  • Pricing

As someone who has yet to earn money, sure you value affordability, making sure you get the worth of every single penny. Hence, look for companies’ pricing schemes and compare them. In addition, don’t forget to consider package prices, inclusions, discounts, freebies, and quality of the output.

2. Check on qualifications.

Once you get the chance to talk to potential professional resume writers, ask about their qualifications and experience in the field. Better yet, view their LinkedIn profiles to know more about their background, strengths, and endorsements received.

3. Ask past clients; seek opinions.

When you’re doubtful on the online review, forums, and testimonials posted on the firms’ websites, find a way to seek past clients you know. Then, ask them as your trusted friends. Do rather an interview. It’s the best way to get a personal account of their experience in dealing with the service provider.

4. Request for a free consultation and resume review.

Ask a free consultation and resume review or critique. During the process, speak not to the boss or sales representatives, but to your potential resume writer. Ask for ways on how he/she will deal with your specific problems. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, keep looking.

How We Review the Best Online Resume Writing Services

Best 10 Resume Writers does not base its rating on superstitions and fallacies. Unlike other resume review boards, we give accurate results based on realistic methods and criteria for your unique job application needs.

1. Quality

The resume writing company’s products and services must meet or exceed the needs and expectations of their clients. In fact, the packages must list the inclusions and various perks for buyers.

2. Customer Service

We believe that communication is vital to the success of the service provider and its clients. Thus, the firm and its staff must always be present and easy to reach to address client concerns.

3. Delivery

Service completion and output delivery should always match what the clients expect. Quality and speed must rather meet or even exceed customer expectations.

4. Payment System

Aside from the pricing, the service provider should offer flexible payment options. The website or the sales representative must give what options are available.

5. Website Usability

Like what experts stated above, a user-friendly website with useful pieces of info that can help clients know more about the firm and its services is a must. In the same way, the pricing, process, and contact details are the must-haves.

Hiring the best online resume writing services sounds too good to be true these days. Yes, it’s risky but effective resume writers do exist. You just have to decide wisely who among them to trust.

Hence, to help ease your task, you might want to look at the resume writing services in line with your industry. You may read our full reviews so you’ll arrive at a sound judgment.