12 Ways to Impress Your Boss

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An employee doing a high five with his boss because he followed tips on how to impress him

How can you impress your boss without looking as if you’re trying too hard? Workplace leaders are hard to please for a reason — they look up to work quality as their major standard. So, if you want to impress them, here are some simple and effective ways that get you great results in the long run:

1. Do what is supposed to be expected of an employee. Everyday, make a short list of work priorities so that you will know what your boss needs the most. With that, if he asks for something, you will be able to face him and say, “Here, sir” rather than, “Sorry, I’m not done yet”, because it may bring disappointment to your boss.

2. Be someone to depend on. That way, you’re bringing yourself to a higher level of professionalism. He can easily tell—you are an asset to the company.

3. Share ideas. Don’t be afraid of giving out suggestions or ideas to your boss. You may not be aware but you may actually be unloading him of some immediate work that he has to finish.

4. If you have done something wrong in your work, do not think twice of saying you’re sorry—and the next time, show him what you learned from that mistake.

5. Be punctual. Reporting early for work means you are a responsible worker.

6. Observe break times. Yes, stop your work when it’s already time for a break (except if you are doing something urgent). Eat and rest so that you can recharge and work for next hours—effectively.

7. Be noticed. Give your best effort in your every task. Most importantly, give your superior regular reports and updates, subtly saying, “This is what I’m doing everyday.”

8. Be resourceful. Sometimes you need to initiate in doing things to let your boss feel at ease that you can find solutions to the problem—the right way. It’s not always that you ask for his solution—sometimes, you need to present your own solution.

9. Exert effort to learn more. Update your skills and learn new ones.

10. Show respect.

11. Do not let personal matters interfere with work. Once you set foot in the office, show enthusiasm even if you are hurting inside because something happened at home. Work like a professional, do not let your work—especially your image—suffer.

12. Give an extra hand to do an extra work. Do not work on things because they are in your job description. Do an extra task.

Remember, don’t impress your boss only because you want to be promoted or to have your salary increased. Rather, do it because you care for your job and the company. Just like an old adage says, “All good things come to those who wait,” just keep doing a good work and great results will follow.

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