Dissecting a Job Application with E-mail Submission

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So after the tedious process of drafting and finalizing your resume, what comes next? Of course, it’s time to get your job application moving by submitting it to your prospective employers via email. However, before sending it off, make sure you’re sending it in a professional manner.

Job Application Tips in Submitting a Resume through Email

One of the most common ways to submit a resume nowadays is via email. However, this is also one of the most neglected forms of job application. Many applicants fail to consider how important a good email address and how you should use its subject lines.
Here are some tips on how you can ensure that your job application through email submission is okay:

1. Create a professional email account

For one, your email address must include your name. Apart from giving your email address an identity, it will also help make your online job application outstanding. Further, using other informal names such as “[email protected]” can be considered as spam by your target recipient.

Take as an example, whenever you use the name of your pet for your email. What would you think if you have received an email from a certain “[email protected]”? If you yourself would not consider this a professional job application, then what’s your guarantee hiring managers would do the same? Likewise, your prospective employer might even think of it as a joke (Like, “did a kitty just sent his resume to me?”).

Further, using family names ([email protected]) as well as monikers ([email protected] or [email protected]) can be used for establishing connections with family and friends, but definitely not on your job application.

2. Plan What to Write on Your Subject Lines

Nothing that puts off a hiring manager other than an unidentified email. To whom did it come from? What’s the purpose of the email? Make sure to identify the purpose of your inquiry in your subject line. This will help get your email more targeted and prevent software from screening it off as spam.

Here’s a tip: unless there’s specific instruction on how you should write your online job application, state the job you’re applying for, followed by your full name.

3. Label Your File Names and Other Job Application Attachments

When sending attachments, it is important that these files are properly named and attached according to the specified sequence on the mail body. For resumes, don’t just go by “my resume.doc” or even a “resume_updated.doc.” This will easily get lost in a large database of application resumes.

As such, it is best to use your name as the file name for your document. It will also help hiring managers to easily identify your resume from a group of files submitted.

Remember that every application must be strategic and organize to achieve the best results. Knowing how to present yourself and your abilities cannot only get you the job that you want but also help in boosting your professional image

Image Source: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

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