Surprising Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs [Infographic]

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Man quitting with his office things as an example of people quit their jobs

You’ll hear many reasons people quit their jobs: raising their children, going back to college, moving to another city, finding a better careerto name a few. But aside from these, other factors can also trigger employees to leave their jobs and some of them may surprise you. Check out this article and infographic to learn more.

7 Reasons People Quit Their Jobs You May Find Surprising

  1. Developing a toxic relationship with their boss causes some to quit
  2. Finding their work unchallenging drives a few to resign
  3. Forming issues with their colleagues pushes some employees to leave work
  4. Failing to use their abilities in their position or line of work triggers others to look for another work
  5. Feeling they don’t belong anymore pokes some to let go of their job
  6. Seeing the company culture or work environment in a negative light dismays some and leaves work
  7. Viewing the company’s financial standing as unstable pulls some workers away from their jobs

Some of you may still have weirder or more surprising reasons for resigning from work. However, whatever they may be, you can always share them with family and friends who understand what you’re going through. Just tell them how you feel about or find work and you may benefit from their past experience or advice.

People Quit Their Jobs for These Surprising Reasons [Infographic]

So, can you relate to the above reasons people quit their jobs? Before writing your resignation letter, think things first thoroughly. Further, quitting your job should always be the last option, but if you insist on growing your career at a new workplace, start it right by finding a perfect job search partner.

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