6 Obvious Signs Your Boss Wants You to Quit Your Job

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Have you been receiving harsh criticisms lately despite your great scores and stellar performance at work? Chances are your feats are starting to scare your boss and his position. Always be alert and brace yourself. Check out below the six signs your boss wants you to quit, which strongly suggest unfair workplace treatment making you consider a new job.

Top Signs Your Boss Wants You to Quit

1. Lesser Responsibilities

Has your workload decreased considerably while your coworkers are working their heads off for their projects? If you sense that your boss is slowly taking away your previous tasks and responsibilities, it could be a sign he/she is just waiting for your resignation letter.

2. Different or Smaller Office

Did your boss just isolate you from your usual crowd? It could be hinting an unfair workplace treatment. He or she may start by moving you to a different or smaller place away from your workmates or exclude you from the team meetings and conversations.

3. Impossible Tasks

When your boss gives you impossible projects, he/she might have been planning to see you quit your post soon. Typically, he/she would ask you to finish three days’ worth of tasks in a day. Some people consider it a trap. If you fail to do it, your boss will have a reason to scold you. If you do succeed with it, however, your boss might just exploit you and constantly give you more tasks than you can handle.

4. Public Criticism

As they say, nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes a mistake while working. But if you think that your boss loves to point out every error you make, loudly and in front of everyone, the situation may be worse than you think. When you see that everything you do irks your boss, perhaps it’s time you should update your resume now.

5. Avoidance and Indifference

Does your boss make time for everybody in your team except you? Do you notice him cancel your one-on-one talk, reschedule your meeting at the last minute, or worse, forget about your appointment altogether? If your boss seems elusive without warning, he/she might be telling you to quit your post right away.

6. Help Wanted Ads

Maybe the most unfair workplace treatment you’ll experience is seeing a help wanted ad for your position. If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable about your boss’ actions recently, you can check out your company’s newest job posts. If you see your position in one of the openings, be extra vigilant. Be observant or you’ll end up training the person that will replace you.

If you observe any of these signs your boss wants you to quit, solve the problem at once. You have two choices. First, you can talk to your boss directly, ask why he/she is treating you badly, and discuss possible solutions without denouncing his/her actions. Lastly, you can consider resigning from your post. No matter how good the pay or position is, no employee should experience unfair workplace treatment. So shake off the negative vibes and read our inspiring career tips to get back on track. Nonetheless, make sure you already have a new job before you hand them the letter.

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