A Checklist to Help Spot the Right Recruiter

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Why do you need to find the perfect headhunter, and how would you know if you’ve found them? These are important questions that we need to shed some light on to help you spot the right recruiter.

Your recruiter must be someone you can trust to give you the best career opportunities. A great relationship must be built between you two because this will be beneficial in your venture. Unfortunately, this feat is easier said than done, due to the fact that the recruiting industry is congested with people who call themselves recruiters, but are really unworthy of the title.

How to Spot the Right Recruiter For You

Here’s a list that’ll help you spot the right job search partner and steer you away from the wrong kind:

Has Your – Not the Employer’s – Best Interest at Heart

Contrary to how it sounds, this is not unfair to the employer. A recruiter’s job, first and foremost, is to ensure that a job seeker will get the best deal possible; perfectly-suited position, great compensation, etc. You can even say they’re pro-employee.  When you spot the right recruiter, be on the lookout for its opposite as well. If a recruiter starts talking down on you and belittling your background, walk away. They’re considered as bullies and do not deserve you.

Doesn’t Ask About Your Salary History

This info is for you and you alone. No one – not your recruiter or potential employer – has the right to ask you for this information. To spot the right recruiter, check whether he or she will respect your wishes to withhold this detail, if they even ask of it at all.

Knowledgeable About Your Industry

There are two types of recruiters: generalist firms (bigger, works with larger companies, and have national reach) and niche firms (focused on a specific industry). Ideally, you should be with the latter one, as they work in a more targeted way. A tip on how to spot the right recruiter: Do a bit of research and check if the recruiter is truly familiar with your field. (e.g. check their website, professional social media accounts, etc.)

Recommended by Your Industry’s Professional Organization and Trade Publication

A list of suggested recruiting agencies can usually be found on the website of professional organizations. The headhunters included in the directory are, more often than not, possess qualities you expect in a professional, so they become established and highly recommended.

Wishes to Do Business With You in Person

A sign that you currently spot the right recruiter, is when he or she wants to do business face to face. This is a sign of respect, professionalism, and seriousness. They value the importance deadlift exercises with a barbell of personal interaction and the establishment of the relationship caused by this.

Does Not Ask for Direct Fees Upfront

Unless the recruiter is also a professional resume writer, then there’s really no reason for them to ask for advance payment.

Encourages You to be Honest

You should be truthful about your accomplishments and what you’re looking for. A headhunter who supports you 100% is one you can truly trust.

Spot the Right Recruiter: A Real Challenge

Spotting the right recruiter is a real challenge, but it is really worth it, especially in getting your dream job. Same goes with choosing someone to create your job hunt tools. Make sure to pick the right one by reading professional resume writing services reviews right here on Best 10 Resume Writers.

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