Ways to Be an Unfortunate Job Seeker

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Job hunting is a job in itself and is really a daunting task. As the job seeker, your time and dedication must always be involved in this endeavor. Doing or saying the wrong things can cause you trouble; thus, making you unsuccessful in your job search.

How Can a Job Seeker Spoil Job Prospects?

You may find these tips very simple, but you might be surprised at how many job seekers make a mistake without knowing it. Then they wonder why they did not get the job or even make it to the interview. Below is a list of what you should avoid when looking for your desired job.

Commit mistakes

Errors in both resume and cover letter have long been a point of argument for any job seeker. Since employers typically get hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for each position they list, you must always remember that your job application stands out by exuding perfection in terms of the correct spelling, punctuation marks, grammar, and all.

Limit your job search

Do not limit your search by only applying to positions that meet your exact criteria as a job seeker. Instead, having an open mind when reviewing job ads will allow you more options and increase your chances for an interview even to some opportunities you did not know you would qualify for. Remember, you will not know exactly what the job entails until you are interviewed.

Stick to online job searching

Do not be a computer-reliant job seeker. Do not post your resume on Monster and HotJobs and just be a couch potato hoping that your e-mail will be read by an agency and give you a phone call. It will not happen and never it will, as online job search doesn’t work that way.

You need to be proactive in your job search and make use of all available resources be it online or offline.

Contradict yourself

If you are interviewing with several people, make sure you keep your story straight. Telling one interviewer one thing and another something else is a surefire way not to miss the post.

Bad mouth your former employer

No matter how bad the experience you had with your former employer, you still have to practice professionalism and show some ethics by keeping mum. Even if your last job felt horrible and your boss drove you to your wit’s end, do not mention it to your prospective company. Speaking poorly about your former employers is not a wise move as a job seeker and will never be.

Underdo it

Do not be a slob. Job seekers who are unkempt, disheveled, and poorly dressed will not get the job.

Overdo it

Coming in dressed-to-kill for your interview will not do any help to get the job. Instead of earning you a positive point from an employer, you will only create a bad impression as a job seeker.

Always be in despair

Are you almost out of unemployment and do know where your next meal is coming from? Do you absolutely have to have this job? Even if you do, don’t play the desperate job seeker card. You want employers to believe that you want this job because it is a good opportunity and you can be an asset to the company, not because you need to buy groceries or make your car payment.

Flaunt your tattoos

If you are applying for a position in the corporate world, and other worlds too, you might want to cover up your tattoos and remove some of your rings if you are pierced in lots of places. They surely will not impress most employers.

Lose hope and give up

Regardless of how good the job market is, job searching is not simple, and it is not always easy to stay positive and focused. When you have sent hundreds of resumes without much of a response to encourage you, it can be difficult to keep going. It is important, though, to keep plugging away as a job seeker, to use all the job search tools available, and to keep a positive career outlook.

Christine Wilson works for a corporate advertising agency that mainly deals with personal branding and personality marketing.

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