Career Success the Millennial Way

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A woman sitting in a pavement while holding her laptop and phone in search for career success

You’ve seen them, posting duck-faced selfies on Instagram, even bringing their easy-going attitude to the corporate world. Call them narcissistic, call them lazy, but no, they’re not going to change to be like their parents. They may view career success in a different light,  but this era of professionals is one of a kind. Here’s a Best 10 Resume Writers’ review on how you can better understand the millennial generation and their career and success perspective.

Lateral Career Moves

Instead of picturing themselves climbing the corporate ladder in a successive way, Gen-Y’ers either dream of being paid well while working on what they love, or getting out of corporate America. Either way, they end up job-hopping.

Seems like bad news? Not really. By getting people who move laterally, you can have access to a plethora of insider skills from other companies. Not only that, you’re almost sure that the employee can perform well. They also share fresher perspectives from what they learned from other corporate cultures. This makes more room for career success.

Work-Life Balance

Millennials believe that spending your whole day working to support yourself isn’t smart. Working hard so that you could work another day again is not a meaningful existence. Hence, they don’t aspire for a higher salary, instead, they yearn to free more of their time. They want to make room for life aspects that are actually more important than work.

Flexibility Over Red Tapes

The era of gen-X’ers wants a process defined, structured, and conventional procedures. While millennials have a sort of impulse when it comes to bureaucratic methods. Being people who grow up in a fast-paced digital age, they easily lose enthusiasm when a simple process took too long before it is executed.

The hate for buffer times comes with a positive side however: most of them will be able to come up with a fast and better shortcut to get the job done.

Value-based Market

Often offer what is essential. Think quality. Think speed and flexibility.

Most of corporate America directly weigh their employees by the degrees they hold, by the awards they received, by the length of their tenure, by their yearly performance evaluations. On the other side of the spectrum, millennials weigh themselves and other employees by the quality they produce, by the soft skills they possess, by how much they satisfy clients.

One lesson learned in succeeding Generation Y’s way: the only rule is the end goal. If a company’s goal is to satisfy clients, they put all efforts to deliver it, even obsess over it, then damn the rest of the rules. But sheesh, it works miraculously. The market loves your quality over your suits and ties.

Best 10 Resume Writers reviews that despite negative connotations from the Gen-X’ers, millennials can still win on their careers without having to abandon who they are. The key is opening the corporate doors for them and giving them a shot.

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