Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve got some questions to ask us. Compiled below are the most common questions we receive and our answers to each of those.

We give accurate results based on realistic methodology and criteria for your job application needs. To serve you better, we take the time to study and research on our review methodology and criteria:

Quality – Not only should the products and services meet the clients’ needs; they should also exceed their expectations. In line with this, quality involves whether or not the resume packages include several perks that benefit the buyers.

Delivery – Service completion should always be according to what the client expects. Thus, speed and quality of delivery should meet and even exceed customer expectations.

Pricing – Resume writing companies with affordable prices are not automatically on our list. Cost should be relative to the quality of the service the clients receive.

Customer Service – Clients need to be prioritized. They should experience the best customer service possible.

Payment System – The service provider should be able to give clients flexible payment options. This means offering a wide range of available payment systems through which the clients can choose from.

Best 10 Resume Writers is not, in any way, connected with any of the resume writing companies in our list. This is our way of protecting the credibility of Best 10 Resume Writers as an independent review body.
Our team is composed of writers, editors, HR managers, and industry experts. The broad experience of each one in the team brings thoroughly evaluated reviews for the benefit of every consumer.
We normally update and review the performance of the resume companies in our list every quarter. But, the volume of negative reviews against a certain company may affect its standing at any time, especially if they are not attended to immediately.
No payment is required to be included in our best 10 list. We are an independent review body that will maintain and manage reviews of best resume writing companies without any fees or charges.
We are able to operate and maintain our website through the support of some content providers, publisher partners, and through Google AdSense.
Not all reviews posted for a resume company are displayed right away, particularly if they are complaints. What we do is stand as an arbitrator between the complainant and a resume company. We believe that issues and concerns need to be settled between each party first. Each company on the list is aware though that negative feedback may affect their ranking in the future, if not addressed accordingly.
We’re still polishing some details, but we will soon open our website to advertisers. Please keep visiting our page for updates.
We have our in-house team of writers that handles all our content needs. But we are keeping the contact information of all those that inquire to us. We will get in touch with you should we decided to start accepting guest posts.
Our current list happens to include resume writing companies from the U.S. only. But it doesn’t mean that we are not open to those that are located in other countries. We have a team of researchers that regularly updates a database of resume writing companies from all over the globe. Using their research data, we may create new sets of best lists for the benefit of all resume buyers in and outside the U.S.

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