What Are the Pros and Cons of Being an Hourly Worker?

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Smiling female hourly worker taking customer orders

Most salaried employees will say that they more-or-less prefer their current wage setup because of the fixed paychecks they receive. But what if you don’t earn salaries but get paid by the hour? What are the pros and cons of being an hourly worker?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Hourly Worker


Overtime Pay. You can get paid up to twice your rate for the extra hours you spend at work. This is something most of those who receive salaries don’t experience.

No Expectations to Do Overtime. Though working extra hours than what you’re scheduled for pays off, it is not expected. Your manager may be grateful if you do choose to stay a while longer, but they can’t force you if you refuse.

Work-Life Balance. It’s easier to separate work from personal life, because when you clock out, your job is done. There’s need to bring work home.

Flexible Schedules. If you’re a full-time hourly employee, you have the benefit of choosing the schedule that works best for you.


Unpredictable Schedules. If you’re a part-time hourly staff, you have to face unexpected and erratic scheduling, making it harder for you to adjust your daily agenda.

Inconsistent Paychecks. If you have the kind of hourly job that offers inconsistent scheduling, it will be hard for you to set a budget as your income may change from time-to-time.

Lacking Benefits. Unfortunately, there are companies who don’t offer hourly workers the same benefits they do salaried staff.

No Job Security. When a company goes through “a phase”, you are usually the first ones to go. This is because your services depend on an establishment’s need for manpower.

Fortunately, there are employers who treat their hourly employees exceptionally well. According to a survey conducted by CareerBliss, here are the 3 that tops the list:

#3 Capital One Financial

This company gives staff the ability to change their work hours, share jobs, and work from home. Capital One also offers nearly 5,000 training courses to help employees advance in their careers.

#2 Bon Secours Health System

The biggest perk of being a Bon Secours hourly staff is receiving tuition assistance from the company. This helps further employees’ education and work experience.

#1 Best Buy

With 94% of its staff paid by the hour, Best Buy is named number one for their employee and leadership development projects. Their “Gift of Time” program also serves as great help to employees suffering from awful health issues or traumatic events.

Before jumping in a situation, it’s important to look at the bigger picture; know where you are financially and understand what you want for your future. Even if you’re looking for online part-time jobs for college students, you must the pros and cons of being an hourly worker. But remember that no matter what kind of worker you choose to be, if you want the best chances of landing a job, it’s important that you hire the best professional resume writers.

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