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Are you a job seeker who wants to land a job in the Information Technology field, but can’t seem to do so? Don’t push yourself in over thinking why you can’t – or rather, why your resume can’t. With smart techniques, you can have an effective IT resume that you can confidently use in your job search.

One of the most and foremost things that you must remember when you are seeking for a job is to make a well-organized and qualifying resume, which can make the hiring manager shout, “I want you in an interview!” However, crafting a resume for professionals isn’t actually a smooth, painless task. It requires you to become particular on the technologies that you know, but simply jotting them down in your resume will make it look menial, boring, or even eye-straining. Now, if you are having troubles on how to make one, then this article is a must-read for you.

Tips for Writing an IT Resume

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One of the best tricks in having your application on the “yes” pile is to include keywords. The rapid advancement of technology has already reached the offices of firms for hiring. In line with this, a lot of firms have already equipped their Human Resources (HR) departments with databases for faster and more convenient processes. As an initial step for recruitment, those databases search for keywords in the electronically sent application forms, as they determine if you have the essential attributes that they are looking for. Read their job descriptions carefully so you will know the skills you should possess. Be careful not to overload it with keywords, or else it might look congested. Examples of these keywords are ‘troubleshooting’, ‘systems administration’, and ‘software development’.

Layout and Format

Okay, let’s say that you have already managed to get through the initial screening. With the keywords already scanned, what’s the next step to get your application on top of the “yes” pile? Remember that after applications are filtered by the database, the next person to look at your form is the hiring manager itself. To catch his attention, you must have a good format that looks neat yet interesting at the same time. Include a header for your personal info and footer for page numbers, and use the bold, italicize, and underline functions for emphasis. Use a single font and separate your qualifications summary, technical acumen, and job experiences to different sections.

You can use whatever kind of design you like. Just remember that you are creating a professional application form. You can search online for a sample of a resume for IT pros for a better basis. Don’t put too many colors and sparkles. They are rather more distracting than eye-catching.

Job Description

What speaks for your abilities are not your responsibilities in a certain job, but how well you have done in carrying them out. Companies look for employees who can offer them great contributions, and writing down your accomplishments in the job description can actually help you be more recognized. However, if you think that you lack those records of achievements, tweak your wording a bit. Will simply writing “configured an obsolete data” be enough to bring an impact to your application? No. Probably, “Demonstrated solid knowledge in configuring an obsolete data for company use” would do. You need to sell yourself to the hiring manager to get hired, and you can do that by telling what you can contribute to them.

Technical Acumen: Your Strongest Point

You might think that pouring all of your technical skills is the most important step to do. Of course, it is, but don’t forget to conform to reminders one and three: the keywords and the job description. You can’t pack your document with loads of technical terms or descriptions, or else it will look boring. If you want a job application that looks like a resume for IT professionals, then state your technical acumen in a separate section so it can.

For more tips and details on how to write an IT resume that’ll help you land a job in the field of technology, feel free to browse our resources page.

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