Ultimate Job Search Tools for a Successful Online Job Hunt

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Gone are the days when you need to buy a newspaper just to check on new job postings. In this digital age, everything is automated – from resume submission to job application. Don’t miss out the opportunity to speed up your job hunting game. Take advantage of these incredible online Job popular steroids for drying search tools:


jobbudy: job search tools

Jobbudy is a free mobile application that helps you track your target jobs and put them all in one place. It displays the job title, name of the company, and the status of your application process. With this app, you can save heaps of time surfing the search engine for jobs. Sign up is required.

V1.0 Features:

  • Job search management spreadsheet
  • Job deadline notification
  • Resume and cover letter storage
  • Contact list
  • Task reminder
  • Save competency based Q&As



JobHero: job search tools

JobHero is an amazing organization that allows you to organize every part of your job search. It features a broad and personalized dashboard, option to upload and save job search documents, and chat with experts regarding career advice. For best experience, download the JobHero Sidekick app.



JobScan: job search tools

Do you want to increase their visibility? This tool is the best bet. Jobscan is an online tool that provides a quick analysis on how well your resume is crafted for a particular job, and how it can be optimized better for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

The process is very easy: just copy and paste your resume and job posting into the tool, and there you’ll receive an instant analysis.


  • Resume word count
  • Results and findings
  • Match rate
  • Jobs with similar skills



Hootsuite: job search tools

In this current recruitment trend, your social media presence represents your own brand to prospective hiring managers. Hootsuite helps you automate your social media posts and set them up ahead to a timely content.


  • Geosearch
  • Filter by Klout
  • Lists
  • Hootlet
  • Suggested content
  • Drag and drop
  • App directory



LinkedIn: job search tools

LinkedIn may not be new to most of us, but it’s still one of the best job search tools that help job seekers level up their game. It allows you to network with your colleagues, join interest groups, find connections to your target companies, and search for a handful of job opportunities.



Hired: job search tools

For job aspirants in IT or tech industry, Hired is a great website. It allows you to create a profile that includes your work experience, skills, and what you want in your next career. It then decides whether you’re a strong candidate for your target job or not.

If so, Hired markets your resume to various tech companies. Not only that, they can also send you the job offer instantly and directly through the site. 



Switch: job search tools

Switch is the Tinder for job applicants. Its universal swipe left-swipe right interface allows you to easily browse and sort through 20 jobs at a time. Fill out the basic information and experience, so you can browse jobs by function and location.

The only downside of this app is you can only use it 5 minutes daily; not bad.



Glassdoor - online job search tools

Glassdoor is a great guide for job seekers who want to get a look of a company’s culture. It offers a wide variety of interview, employer, and company reviews to help you decide if the company culture suits you. It also tells you the expected salary of your target job title.

Which of these job search tools is your perfect job hunting sidekick?

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