A Hard Look at Work Stress

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a woman whose hands are placed in her head as a sign of work stress

You may be the ideal worker who is willing to work for long hours. But in a subtle way, there are times when you suddenly turn negative with a feeling of frustration over what you think as a lack of progress in the office. Chances are, you are suffering from work stress and you have to act up. We broke down the things you need to know about work stress and how you can deal with it.

Later you feel you are no longer part of the team, and then you begin to feel sick, mentally and physically. These may be signs that you are suffering from job stress.

Warning signs and symptoms of Work Stress

The following are the most common warning signs and symptoms of work stress:

  • Low morale – Having a negative feeling or attitude in a workgroup
  • Depression – Being in a low mood that negatively affect job-related work
  • Boredom – Experiencing periods of lack of interest in the workplace
  • Fatigue – Feeling weary, tired, and unenergetic at work
  • Apathy – Feeling indifferent and lacking concern, excitement, motivation, and passion to perform work
  • Absenteeism – Being absent from duties and responsibilities in the office or workplace in a habitual way
  • Negativism or cynicism – Attitude of being a skeptic or resisting instructions, orders, or suggestions from the boss or colleagues

Deal with  work stress

All workers have to deal with job-related stress in different ways. Too much or prolonged work stress is not good to you, both personally and professionally.

Jobs in dangerous settings, including those that demand time pressures, handling customer issues, or have detailed work, tend to generate higher levels of work stress, which can lead to illnesses, injuries, and poor health if not controlled.

Stress is not all bad, though. Yet, there are ways to manage and deal with it. This will help you maintain your health, stay safe and secured on the job, increase motivation, feel career happiness, and maximize productivity.