7 Types of Clients You’ll Surely Meet in Your Chosen Field

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A food seller wearing yellow apron is dealing with different types of clients buying from him

Regardless of what your job is, you will meet clients who will surely bring out the best and worst in you. Thus, knowing how to deal with them will make your life easier. Here are different types of clients you should be familiar with for a stress-free workday.

Seven Types of Clients You’ll Meet in Every Industry

1. The passive aggressive

This type of client seems a good catch at first. They willingly give suggestions in the beginning but will aggressively demand revisions and adjustments throughout the project. Not to mention they love discounts, too.

2. The “you are not good enough”

One of the most common types of clients you don’t want to work with. They act like everything you do is not good and impressive. They undervalue your skills and most likely think that they can do better than you.

3. The family friend

This type of client is the one that is easy to deal with except that they ask too much from you. You may have known them for years that they expect a little “special treatment” because they think they deserve it. After all, you are neighbors for more than a decade.

4. The buzzer beater

These types of clients like to call, visit, and send e-mail after office hours. They have the impression that you work 24 hours, seven days a week. It is suggested to tell and explain to them directly your work schedules to set their expectations upfront.

5. The ultimate saver

This type of client understands that they need to pay for your service. However, they are only willing to pay a certain amount. Thus, expect to hear them asking for discounts or removing other work just to minimize their cost.

6. The control freak

For an unknown reason, they interfere with your decisions even on the smallest details of the project. These types of clients are the ones who prolong the timeline because they will not allow you to decide without their suggestions.

7. The dream client

These types of clients are the ones you dream of. They proactively give suggestions, know what they want, and completely trust that you can do your job. They agree with the price because they know that good service comes with a compelling amount. They may be rare, but they surely exist.

Working in an industry that you truly love requires a lot of patience, and that includes dealing with different types of clients. The moment that you meet any of them, be confident and trust that you can deliver and even exceed their expectations.

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