10 Tips for an Office Newcomer

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new employee happy in the new office environment

If you are a new guy or lady in the office trying to learn the ropes, making a wonderful first impression is an important thing to do. The following are tips to help you jumpstart your job:

–  Show a positive attitude

Be enthusiastic for being part of the team. This also means not bringing personal problems to the office.

–  Dress professionally to work

Always make dressing up professionally as one of your priorities. This helps in how you want people to perceive you. In addition, helps you to mingle with co-workers.

–  Be loyal to the team

Show to your co-workers that you have a sense of teamwork in getting tasks done as well as in solving problems.

–  Remember co-workers’ names

The faster you remember your co-workers’ names, the better. If you forget, simply apologize and ask the name again. You can try some memory-aid techniques to help you do this.

–  Ask questions or help

You cannot possibly know or solve everything in your office. When the need arises, do not hesitate to ask questions or help from your boss or co-workers. Listen and be open-minded.

–  Jot down notes

When you attend a meeting or orientation, all important information should be noted properly and pay attention to detail.

–  Be proactive

Do not just sit and wait for your next assignment, but rather take the initiative to ask for more.

–  Show up to work every day

From your first day on the job, maintain good attendance record, especially throughout the first week or month.

–  Be kind and appreciative

From your supervisor, co-workers, human resources people, to the maintenance staff, show some kindness and appreciation to everyone who helps you.

–  Stay away from office politics

Do not let yourself be affected by rumors, gossips, and politics going on around you in the office. These do not help you in any way.

Zach Smith is an editorial consultant for a human resources magazine.

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