Workplace Survival: Dealing with Backstabbers at Work

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two women backstabbing in the workplace

In a job search, it’s vital to write a compelling resume to help you land your target job. However, it doesn’t stop there. To amp up your job hunt, you must also prepare for the common practices, diversity, and behaviors in the workplace. This gives you a glimpse of different situations and people you may encounter. One of the worst workplace encounters is dealing with backstabbing coworkers.

Even if they are common, you shouldn’t become one of them. Further, you mustn’t tolerate this kind of behavior once you’ve snagged a job. Instead, think of ways on how to deal with backstabbers in the workplace, so you’ll maintain your professionalism despite the criticisms they throw behind your back.

What Backstabbing Coworkers Do

It may be difficult for you to pinpoint colleagues doing harmful and unfair acts against you when you’re not around. Being keen, however, can help you tell apart which among them are backstabbers.

What are the signs of a backstabber at work?

Spot backstabbers at work through some of their common traits:

  • Envy colleagues
  • Disrespect workers of all levels
  • Lie to anyone
  • Put blame on others
  • Gossip around
  • Steal others’ ideas
  • Belittle others through displeasing remarks and comments

With these signs, learn how you should handle backstabbing coworkers with the following tips.

How to Deal with Backstabbing Employees

Two professionals talking in a coffee shop about how to deal with backstabbing coworkers
So, how do you deal with a backstabbing coworker? Heed these tips, inspirational quotes, and reminders to help you maintain your good character through this situation.

1. Be the bigger person.

Take the high road; it’s far less crowded. — Warren Buffett

As uncontrollable situations like this may be, you better take the high ground and do great at what you do. That way, you’re handling the situation with utmost professionalism and integrity.

2. Be alert during changes.

Changes in the workplace are inevitable. However, change is challenging and may open new doors to backstabbing and other workplace issues. Guard yourself. Be open to change, but don’t open yourself too much.

3. Make it a habit to document.

The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency because transparency builds trust. — Denise Morrison

As much as possible, make all your work activities documented. Talk to your coworkers through emails. Doing this helps your employers track your correspondences easily. Most importantly, it avoids backstabbers from using your own words against you.

4. Be cautious about what you tell others.

Backstabbing coworkers prey on every single detail they can get from you or those you talk to. Who knows, your simple question of who’s who and who does what may be taken against you. That’s why you must be mindful of your everyday conversation with your officemates.

5. Be careful in pitching ideas and plans.

Ideas won’t keep; something must be done about them. — Alfred North Whitehead

Ideas are intellectual properties. So unless you fully trust the people around you, be careful with whom you share your ideas and plans with. Backstabbing coworkers may act nice to get your trust, but before you even know it, they have stolen your ideas to their advantage.

6. Don’t join or start gossips.

Ask yourself: What good will it bring you to talk badly of others? Will it improve your work history? Will it contribute to a better workplace? Gossiping makes one’s situation worse and doesn’t help resolve things.

7. Don’t trust easily.

If you give your trust to a person who does not deserve it, you actually give him the power to destroy you. — Khaled Saad

Trust must be earned, not given to just anyone you meet. In the workplace, not everyone is your friend. Maintain professionalism when discussing work and personal matters. Keep office conversations as work-related as possible. Don’t give too much and unnecessary information about your opinions and personal life to random coworkers.

8. Do what’s right and continue doing your best.

Lastly, it all boils down to how you react to these situations you can’t seem to control. Continue doing what’s right and give your best. Besides, you must deliver your tasks well and produce results for your employer.

Make the Best Out of Your Career Despite Backstabbing Challenges

Remember, not all common workplace practices are normal and should be tolerated. Backstabbing is one of them. Despite this, don’t stop taking steps to improve your career. As a professional, it’s vital to remain respectful and civil in the workplace. Dealing with backstabbing coworkers mustn’t cost you your work by compromising your integrity.

Finding a New Career Can Lead to a Happier Work Environment

If you’ve experienced being backstabbed by your coworkers, you have the option to seek a new job. Of course, leaving a job is not easy. Know how to write a perfect resignation letter to keep your office reputation in good standing. Afterwards, applying for a job can leave you in the dark. That said, let us help you snatch your next job with a professional resume! Read our best resume writing services reviews and choose the one that suits your needs to help start your new career.