What Are the Secrets to Workplace Likability?

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Every office has that kind of person: that charismatic, inspiring, and motivating co-worker or boss who can light up the room without any conscious effort. If you’re wondering what makes them liked by everybody and whether you could be amiable too, here’s a Best 10 Resume Writers review on how to increase your workplace likability:

1. Don’t act powerful, even if you are

It is a given fact that every person wants to be respected. That’s why bosses seldom lose theirs because they never let go of that cold, formal poise when speaking to subordinates. That’s why subordinates never admit to their bosses when they don’t really know the answer. But sometimes, these ‘power poise’ lacks some degree of honesty.

It’s fine to be genuinely honest you even when conducting formal business. It’s fine to show some degree of openness and softness. And no matter what your parents have told you, it’s fine to smile and talk with strangers. Be human.

2. Focus on what the next person is saying

There’s no greater turn off than a person who can only talk about himself, his ambitions, his business, his concerns, his beliefs, his life… you get the point. Now here’s the deal with likable people: they listen. They resist the urge to divert the conversation to themselves when you’re talking.

Being genuine in a conversation takes a lot of focus. You need to ignore other thoughts in order to pay attention to the other person. Ask the right questions. Be authentically interested even if the subject is not about you.

3. Be vulnerable at times

Showing vulnerability is ironically a sign of strength. When you admit that you didn’t know the answer, when you tell about your own mistakes, or when you show trust to people who aren’t close to you— these are sending good signals to people around you.

It’s hard to like people who always want to protect themselves from being humiliated or deceived. We all want a person to trust us. We all want a person to believe that we won’t trick them.

4. Give without expecting a return

Give for the joy of giving. Likable people are those who share the most— not really in terms of money and tangible gifts, but those who give out their time and effort to do you a favor- even if you’re not kind to each other.

Best 10 Resume Writers reviews that being likable is equivalent to selflessness. Be it in the office, at home, or in the streets, they are those who always show respect and give to people unconditionally. Ready to make that impression? Be human despite your professional standing. Counter the harsh world and the austere workplace.

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