5 Effective Tips to Developing Your Professional Career Trajectory

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Career Trajectory Tips to Boost Your Professional Experience

Every professional wants to become successful in their chosen career field. However, some fail to do so because they miss crucial elements that one needs to succeed. Know how to improve your career trajectory by heeding our expert tips.

What is career trajectory?

Career trajectory is the career path we follow under our chosen field of expertise. This career path may move forward, backward, or even stay as it is depending on our job tasks. Each of us follows a different career trajectory. It may be a combination of career titles and achievements. Some people change career trajectory when they shift to another job. When mapped, it may appear as a line sloping upward, downward, or lateral.

Each one of us wants to have an upward career trajectory. This can be achieved when all your career tasks move in line with one another. For instance, John entered the workforce as a rank-and-file member. Then, a few years later, he got promoted and became a manager. If he has no setbacks, his career trajectory will move from bottom left to top right.

Career Trajectory Graph

However, not everyone is as fortunate as John. Some employees struggle with their career path for they have no clear career goals in mind. Disorganized career plans are oftentimes seen in one’s resume. If not made thoughtfully, these resumes may cause job failure. Hence, make your goals clear before you draft your resume and apply for a job.

5 Tips You Can Do to Improve Your Career Path

Simple Tips to Boost Your Career Trajectory

Tip #1: Know where you want to be.

The first step in career planning is goal setting. Plot your career map with the help of career trajectory questions. These career trajectory interview questions will help you realize what you want to be five years from now. Also, this tip is helpful in creating a firm career trajectory statement which you will need to proceed with Tip #2.

Tip #2: Update your resume.

Now that your goals are clear to you, it will be easier for you to revamp your resume. Align your skills to your target job posts. This will help you impress the recruiters and increase your chances of getting hired.

Tip #3: Build your network.

Connect with people of the same field. You may build your own blog site or optimize your LinkedIn profile to create a notable online presence. You may also want to check your other social media accounts and filter posts that can damage your professional image.

Tip #4: Improve your skills.

Since higher posts require more skills, then you must also seek for new skill courses. You can take online classes or attend training which could develop your skills. Also, having these skills will help you create a more relevant resume.

Tip #5: Look for job posts.

Apply the following tips to practical use. Search for online job posts and make your career plans real.

Plan Your Career Trajectory with the Help of Resume Experts

Since resume is a key to a successful career trajectory, it may be best for you to consult resume experts to create a top-notch job application. Resume experts will help you choose the right resume format and align it to your goals. Thus, making your career map more attainable. There are many resume writing experts online. Best 10 Resume Writers listed the top resume writing companies for every field you need. Read our resume reviews and resume help to know more.