Careers with the Highest Number of Women Offering High Pay

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Women are familiar with workplace discrimination and hearing things like, “It’s a male-dominated sector so you will have a hard time getting in.” It’s infuriating and makes us want to prove that most people are wrong even more. In this list, we give you the top 10 predominantly female jobs that offer the highest pay today.

But to prove that women can also rule the professional world, we have compiled a list of careers that pays the highest and houses mostly those of the female gender.

Like what Beyonce sang, “Who run the world? Girls!

10. Sociologists

Wage: $72,810 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 80%**

What They Do: Study human behavior by observing groups and cliques people form including social, religious, political, and business organizations.

9. Nuclear Technician

Wage: $74,690 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 100% **

What They Do: Manage, maintain, and provide quality control for research equipment and nuclear testing.

8. Economist

Wage: $95,710*

Women Rate in the Industry: 44%**

What They Do: Address economic problems about goods and services distribution, as well as monetary policies by conducting researches and preparing reports.

7. Physician’s Assistant

Wage: $95,820 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 66% (According to the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants)

What They Do: Perform healthcare services normally done by physicians while under their supervision.

6. Human Resources Professional

Wage: $72,810 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 72% (According to Regan & Dean Recruitment Limited)

What They Do: Plan, coordinate, or manage HR activities as well as an organization’s staff.

5. Lawyer

Wage: $114,970 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 34% **

What They Do: Represent clients in legal proceedings, draft legal documents, and advise them on legal transactions.

4. Natural Sciences Manager

Wage: $120,050 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 56%**

What They Do: Supervise the work of scientists in different fields. They also direct activities such as research, development, testing, quality control, and production.

3. Pharmacist

Wage: $120,950 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 52% **

What They Do: Provide people with drugs prescribed by medical practitioners. They also provide patients about medications and their proper intake or usage.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Wage: $127,640 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 27% **

What They Do: Organize and manage an organization’s computer-related activities for its improvement and efficiency.

1. Nurse Anesthetist

Wage: $153,780 *

Women Rate in the Industry: 63% **

What They Do: Administer anesthesia and oversee a patient’s recovery from it.

There are a number of excellent career opportunities for professional women out there; all you need to do is look for one that fits your passion and skills.

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*According to BLS

**According to Forbes

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