How to Turn Layoffs into Career Opportunities

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A woman carrying a backpack while walking towards new career opportunities because of layoffs

The current job market continues to change, and losing a job is a reality of life. Layoffs are not all bad. You can utilize this incident to have time to channel your energies to do meaningful activities for your life and career as well.

If you will only clear your mind of negative thoughts and feelings, you will probably see windows of opportunities in front of you waiting to be opened. Here is a list of activities that will help you move on from the job loss. A serious self-assessment is needed to help you prepare for a new career:

Look back

This gives you a rare chance to reflect on your life as a skilled working professional. Upon serious reflection, you will be able to gain insights and consequently reassess your career goals.

List your triumphs

What have you achieved so far in your career? What did you enjoy most? These questions trigger explanations about your motivations and priorities, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Make resolutions

This allows you more time to think whether you want to stay in an old career to further enhance it, or you need to move into something new and better. The choice to rewrite your career plan and how you will achieve it depends on you.

Renew your portfolio

Spend some time to gather your recommendation letters, testimonials from former employers and colleagues, as well as samples of works that generated positive remarks.

Update your resume

To achieve a fresh look, you need to makeover your resume. Highlight your experiences and accomplishments by using keywords or phrases to pinpoint your skills and abilities. Convince a prospective employer that you are a qualified candidate for the job position.

Expand further your network

Any networking activity should be focused on a specific target, with consideration to your expected results or outcomes. These include getting introduced to someone so you can make a connection or learn about potential opportunities in the process.

Get your business cards ready whenever you feel you need to hand these out. Let everyone know that you are currently on a job search. Tell them specifically what position you are looking for.

Polish your interview skills

Before you go for an interview, you need to know what to say about yourself. This is the perfect time to prepare your words with clarity and accuracy and to practice your speech.

Nick Woodson has more than 12 years of experience teaching Corporate Communications and Personality Development.

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