Career Fears That Make You Stuck

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Do you think you are in a situation where your career is stuck, and not going to where it is supposed to? If your answer is yes, you are probably thinking your career progress is at a standstill. Suddenly you feel you are stuck with nowhere else to go to, or no purpose to go for. Congratulations, you’ve just had one of your career fears.

Tell-tale Sign of Career Fears: You’re at Crossroads

Every day, you pull yourself to report for work and wait until it is time to go home. You keep doing the same inhibiting and monotonous job again and again.

You imagine spending your next weekends and vacations elsewhere, or about that dream job that lingers in your mind. On the other hand, you repress such thoughts because you worry about how you are going to pay your bills and mortgage.

What do you think are the factors that hold you back from doing something you want? What are the things that hinder you to pursue a different career path?

Tears for Career Fears

One big reason given by many people is fear, whether it is rational or not, or whether the threat that triggers it is real or imagined.

They have probably heard of trying to overcome their career fears before they become paralyzed and dominated by it. In addition, they have probably heard unsolicited advice from people who actually can’t relate to what you are going through because they do not personally share your fear.

How should they cope with a fear that seems so real? It really depends on the individual person, how he or she responds to the frustrations and challenges of life. Some, however, confront their career fears by being exposed to it, rather than moving away from it.

Fear of the unknown

One type of career fears is what some people call “the fear of the unknown.

This means having the fear something that we are not aware of or cannot control. This also means having a tendency to support the status quo because it is known and familiar. It is comfortable, too, without a need to take extra effort to sustain.

Fear of change

The other component ofs career fears is the fear of change, which is used as an excuse for staying in an old job because they simply cannot take big risks or persevere in hard work. This is very unfortunate, leaving so many dreams unfulfilled.

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Zach Smith is an editorial consultant for a human resources magazine.

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