5 Essential Steps You Need to a Successful Goal Setting

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Successful executives, famous athletes, and elite students share a common trait—they all plan their future and work on their aspirations. For them, goal setting motivates and gives them long-term vision. It also helps them organize their resources and make the most out of their lives. If you don’t know where you’re heading right now, you’ll never get to your desired destination. To succeed, you must weigh upon your career plans and set bold and realistic goals. Follow these five crucial steps to a successful goal setting.

Five Crucial to a Successful Goal Setting

Trust in God.

If you don’t have faith that God can help you achieve your goals, might as well forget about the entire goal-setting process. You must believe that anything is possible through the strength of God. Trust in Him and He will surely help you fulfill your goals and dreams.

Be specific with your goals.

Simply saying you want to acquire “a new house” is vague. A better and more specific example would be “a 5,000 square foot house with four bedrooms and four baths and a view of the mountain on 50 acres of land.” By giving your subconscious mind a specific set of instructions to work on, the clearer the result you will get. Likewise, the more specific the outcome is, the more efficient your subconscious mind will become.

Write your goals positively.

We write and assess our goals to create a set of orders for our subconscious mind to carry out. While our subconscious mind is a useful tool, it cannot differentiate right from wrong and can only perform instructions. Thus, the more positive orders you give it, the more positive results you will get, too.

Revel along the way.

Some people only celebrate when they have reached their goals. For experts, it’s a frustrating approach and will likely result in failure. In a marathon race, you will notice water stations placed along the way. The organizers put them on purpose to let the runners re-hydrate. Imagine what will happen to the racers if they can only drink water after crossing the finish line? That would be throat-drying. This principle applies to successful goal setting, too. You can reward yourself with a few sweets or a simple pat on your back while you’re achieving your goal as well.

Review your goals every day.

Reviewing your goals daily is an essential part of your successful goal setting and must become part of your routine. As you wake up in the morning and every night before you sleep, read your list of goals. This process will drive both your conscious and subconscious mind on working towards your goal. Likewise, it will replace the negative self-talk you might have with a positive one.

trust the Lord to guide you to a successful goal setting

While goal setting puts us in the driver’s seat and gives us the power to transform our lives, it isn’t always easy to go on with our pursuits. We should expect harsh and challenging times after a few smooth days, too. Yet, if we focus on our goals, we’ll be amazed at the progress we will make. Remember, almost everything begins with a thought. We can always be what we imagine ourselves to be, especially if we follow these steps.

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