Are You Going for a Job or a Career?

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A blue door and a red door which represents the confusion between job or career

Which side are you signing up for, job or career? Whether you want to become a graphic designer, a preschool teacher, or a hotel owner, telling a “job” from a “career” is important. For your goals and self-fulfillment, pursuing a career is more meaningful compared to having a job to survive.

Job or Career: The Key Difference

Although we often interchange “job” and “career,” the required education, advancement opportunities, and personal fulfillment separate them.

Education Level

One key difference of a job from a career is the level of education needed by a person to qualify for a position. Most jobs don’t ask for a specific education. But in a career, you need a formal education or degree—either an associate, a bachelor, a master, or all of them. For instance, you must finish at least a two-year course to pursue a career in finance. In a job, though, you can apply even with a high school diploma or its equivalent alone.


When you take a job, you fill a work role within the business to earn. You might take the money to pay bills, reduce debt, or make extra cash.

Meanwhile, a career is a long-term search for a lifelong desire. Besides working to make money, you enjoy every hour of the work. You still make money from your chosen career, but the fulfillment you get from the work matches that financial gain.

Advancement Opportunities

You think of your goals and your future before you pursue a career; right? You set a position you’d like to hold someday and think of ways to achieve it. In a job, without formal education, firms will less likely promote you. You can resolve this condition by dedicating more time and effort to your job. Soon, you’ll discover that the planning and work you exerted played a great part in building your career.

How to Turn Your Job into a Career

Loving your job and having your dream career are two different scenarios. In a job, what you’re earning may be decent, your colleagues may be cool, and the work may be fun, yet you may not be living your dream career. Without setting your goals to turn your job into the career you want, it may not stay as something you enjoy for too long.

Below are handy tips from Best10ResumeWriters that will help you avoid the worst situation and turn you into the successful career person you desire.

Job or Career: Three Tips You Can Use When Trapped in a Career Dilemma

Tip #1: Track your strengths.

Better know your strengths. Likewise, observe yourself in the workplace. What is your forte? What are your assets? Discover your talents and skills and refer to them as you pursue your career.

Tip #2: Build connections.

It will help much if you can identify someone who will support you further as you build your career. In a job, several people can take you to different places; thus, connecting with them is a wise move. You may even work with those who are already living your dream career. Motivate yourself and earn what they already have.

Tip #3: Leave your comfort zone.

Sometimes, you find it easy to become comfortable in your job and stick to what you only know. Yet career experts suggest you leave your comfort zone, improve your routines, and hunt for better opportunities.

In choosing a job or career, what’s important is you understand their key differences and choose one that will fulfill your dreams. A job is all right. Just don’t confuse it with a career.

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