6 Healthy Office Snacks to Fuel Success-Driven Professionals

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Aside from your body and mind, working hard can take its toll on your stomach, too. Satisfying your appetite is a must since a rumbling tummy disrupts focus and dampens your work performance. Good thing, we have snack and lunch breaks to look forward to throughout the day. But when your tummy starts to grumble, save the day with this list of healthy office snacks you can grab in between breaks. It’s time to replenish your body and mind with vital performance-boosting nutrients, so you can seize more milestones in your career.

Healthy Office Snacks to Enjoy at Your Desk or at the Office Pantry


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Nuts provide a healthy punch of fiber, protein, and good fat. They’re known for their brain-boosting function. Snack on a handful of cashews, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, etc. before attending a meeting to get your mind ready for brainstorming sessions.


office snacksSeeds aren’t only for birds. Sunflower, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds are great noshes to keep in a jar on your desk. Just like nuts, you can munch seeds for a quick boost of protein.

Dark Chocolate

healthy snack in the officeFeeling a little stressed due to heavy workload? The cocoa in dark chocolates has magnesium that contains a natural anti-stress mineral that will get you through that tough day at work. Make sure to select the best varieties—70 percent and up cocoa concentration.

Hard-Boiled Egg

low calorie snackPeople on a strict low-calorie diet swear by eggs as a staple in their list of healthy snacks for work to lose weight. With only 70 calories, hard-boiled eggs are oozing with protein and can stabilize your blood sugar to keep you energized while running work errands.

Trail Mix

healthy snack at your deskAre you craving for a crunchy and somewhat salty snack? Ditch that bag of chips for this! It’s even better if you prepare your own instead of buying prepacked ones from the grocery. Add pretzels, nuts, dried fruits or any other treats into the mix at any proportion depending on your heart’s content. You might want to bring more of this since it tops the list of healthy office snacks to share to your office mates. Surely, every bite is a surprise!

Vegetable with Hummus Dip

healthy office snacksThis duo makes it to the best healthy snacks you can bring with you at work. You may not be a big fan of carrots, celery, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflowers, but you know you need their nutrients. Hence, if you’re not fond of eating plain vegetables, dip them in hummus and you’ll get yourself a delicious and undeniably healthy snack for work.

Healthy Office Snacks Are Essential Career Investments

Healthy office snacks energize our body and mind. Hence, we must lie on their nutritional value. Junk food can be satisfying but binging on unhealthy picks can be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. You’ll be more susceptible to diseases if you don’t watch what you eat. Sick days take away our productivity. Moreover, buying medicine is always more expensive than purchasing healthy work snacks.

Stash these healthy snacks ideas in your desk to keep yourself mentally sharp and physically healthy. Invest in your health because it’s a wealth that can never be replaced.

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