10 Obvious Signs You’re Suffering from Workaholism

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Man working on a holiday with workaholic signs

You may be showing one of these workaholic signs unconsciously. Are you becoming one? If any of these signs are descriptive of you, you may be suffering from workaholism–and it’s not good.

10 Obvious Signs You’re a Certified Workaholic

1. You treat your office as your home…

A certified workaholic has at least any of these stuff in his/her workspace: photos of family and friends, mini thermos, a small box for travel-sized toiletries, throw pillow, and a small blanket. These stuff tell you’ve found a new home inside the office.

2. … and vice versa

So you just turned your workspace into a rest house? We believe you transformed your room into a walk-in office. You just can’t leave work, eh?

3. You work way too much

You’re the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. Seriously, do you still know what Friday nights are for?

4. You go to work even if you’re terribly ill

You don’t mind spreading germs around the office. As long as you can make it there, you’ll be alright. Truly, only a certified workaholic can go to work even if he/she’s still burning hot with fever.

5. You cancel out plans

Some of your friends and colleagues start calling you “alien” or “introvert” because you begin to cancel out your plans with them. Who needs a vacation when you’re already surfing on a pile of tasks at work, right?

6. You’re slowly getting detached to the world

Another obvious sign of being a certified workaholic is having little or no knowledge about your surroundings at all. “I’ve heard of Kylie Jenner, but that’s all.” “Stranger Things, is that a new movie?” “I didn’t know Aubrey sent me an invite. I’m too busy at work, sorry.”

7. You feel uneasy when you’re not working

Irritated and grumpy – these are the only two moods you have when you can’t check your email at home because the Internet connection has timed out, or you found out your colleague has taken over the task.

8. You work even when you’re not supposed to

Remember the time you got out of place and you didn’t mind, because you’re exchanging emails with your client on Saturday night while you’re with your friends? That sucks, but it sucks more if you’re not working.

9. You’re getting used to pressure and stress

The only perk you find from being a certified workaholic is getting used to nerve-wracking stress. The yelling and fussing of your boss are like music in your ears. Not to mention you eat stress thrice daily.

10. You’re lacking time for yourself

Have you tried checking yourself out on the mirror and realized you need a shave or new clothes? You’re so busy at work that you forgot to treat yourself new things. That’s just sad.

It’s okay to love your job, but drowning yourself in it makes you miss some important milestones of your life. Go out and let yourself relax; turn off your laptop, log out your email account, and make the best of your spare time with the ones you love.

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