8 Magnificent Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job All Over Again

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To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.
                                                                                                                        – Sister Mary Lauretta

Dating back to the first weeks of your current job, do you remember how enticed you are to go to work? Can you recall the days when you can’t stop talking about it to your friends? During the honeymoon phase with your current career, everything seemed “perfect.” You couldn’t get enough and you wanted to know more about your job. But now that you’ve spent years in the company, you’re starting to get a bit…bored. Hence, you feel sad or empty going to work. To conquer job boredom is like rekindling an old flame with someone you used to fall deeply in love with.

Why do you get bored?

Like in romantic relationships, there are many factors that associate with job boredom. Here, you may find yours in the following:

  • Felt disconnected or mismatched with your job.
  • Overwhelmed with too many workloads and tasks.
  • Felt less valued and appreciated.
  • Ceased learning anymore.
  • Used in doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Felt that your skills are being misused.
  • Raised issues with your boss or with your colleague.
  • Felt disrespected in the workplace.
  • Withdrawn socially in the company engagements.
  • Mistook for granted and you don’t get enough credits.

Eight Tips to Conquer Job Boredom and Fall Back in Love Again with Your Job

1. Learn something new

One of the catalysts of job boredom is that you feel like you’ve been doing the same task every single day. So, bring back your passion through taking on new responsibilities so you can learn a new skill. For instance, you can ask your manager if you can team up with the department you’ve always wanted to work with. There you may reignite your passion to work with a bonus of working with your dream team.

2. Make a few changes

Does your workspace look old? The dull atmosphere of your workspace can add weight to the boredom you’re already feeling toward your job. You can either ask to relocate to another area or make it look good as new with a makeover. Ditch off the unnecessary documents that pile up your desk. You can display a photo of your family or a motivational quote. And yes, who doesn’t love a good décor? Add them, as well.

3. Take a (real) break

Another way to conquer job boredom is to take (real) breaks. Start it off by taking mini breaks or lunch breaks away from your desk. By doing this, you’ll less likely experience job burnout and you’ll be able to refresh your mind and mood before going back. After all, breaks exist for a reason.

4. Make the most of your perks

Since you’ve been working in the company for years, why don’t you make the best of your benefits? Use your vacation leave and go on an adventure. Travel around the country you’re dreaming to visit, go hiking with your friends, or just simply take a short vacation away from work. Sometimes, all you need is just a little escape to regenerate your tired mind, body, and soul.

5. Consider a sideline job

Turn your interests into cash! Another way to conquer job boredom is to start a side hustle. For instance, if you’re passionate about doing calligraphy, you may want to create calligraphy quotes in portraits and sell them. Starting a side business helps you appreciate yourself and your passion again. Plus, who doesn’t love extra income?

6. Do what you love more often

Figure out that certain part of your job that you’ll never get tired of doing. For example, if you love writing and you only write a few times per week, why not do it more often? Try to ask your manager to give you more writing tasks for a change and to motivate yourself to be productive again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll miss the tasks you hate doing in the latter days.

7. Review your job description and resume

Are you missing out your progress? Do you still know how your job contributes to the organization? If you’re feeling lost in your current career path, a look back in your resume and job description will guide you back on the right track. Don’t just read your resume and job description. Reflect on the reasons you had why you sought this job and how you strived hard (from application to a job interview) to win it.

8. Look at the bigger picture of your job

Lastly, take time to reflect on your attitude. Maybe it’s not in the job, the company, your boss, or your colleagues after all. Don’t let your job boredom take over your emotions. Recollect the positive thoughts by listing down the good things that happen to you at work every day. This way you can look at the bright side of your company’s efforts and the role you play in the organization.

The relationship you have with your significant other is much like the one you have with your job (sans the romance and affection, of course). Don’t get tired of learning and exploring, and you’ll never fall out of love again. Use these tips to conquer job boredom before it overcomes you first. Because if you forget to take care of your career, someone else will make you see what you’re missing.

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