Keeping Employees Happy: 5 Winning Ways Even without a Raise

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A happy employee holding a gadget

Dissatisfaction and employer’s behavior are just few of the many factors that cause employees to resign. According to The Balance contributor Susan M. Heathfield, the majority of reasons why employees quit are under the control of the employer. Keeping employees happy reflects the health of a company. So if you’re the employer, how do you ensure they’re satisfied?

Keeping Employees Happy in Five Winning Ways Aside from a Salary Raise

Here are some guaranteed tips to keeping employees happy:

1. Celebrate accomplishments

The feeling of being appreciated is something that even a high pay can’t buy. Send thank-you or “Good job!” cards to your employees who performed well. If they accomplish bigger tasks, you may consider an impromptu lunch treat for them at the nearest fast food or restaurant. Using positive reinforcement elevates their self-esteem, making them more productive and inspired to work.

2. Promote time off

Time offs are crucial for employees to take a break and avoid job burnout. Plus, it allows them to make time for their families and other priorities. So make sure to encourage them to take time off, especially during the holidays.

3. Set challenging goals

One of the proven ways to keeping employees happy is through goal-setting. You can communicate the objectives through writing (e-mail, announcement, or memo) for their reference – but keep it logical, though. Ensure the goals you set are still within their reach.

4. Keep them engaged

Make them feel they’re part of the circle and not just a delegate that you can assign tasks to. Who knows? Maybe a certain member in your team can provide an insightful idea that can make a great impact on your project.

5. Establish a positive atmosphere

Bring forth positive vibes with an enticing atmosphere. You can encourage them to decorate the office in traditional annual events, or just simply offer snacks by the coffee machine. Making the workplace feel like home to your employees entices them to be comfortable and productive at the same time.

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