Top 6 Secrets on How To Make Your Boss More Supportive

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boss supporting her team on their project

Is it possible to always get a “yes” from your boss? If you’re lucky and you have a nice and approachable boss, it’s easier. But working in a corporate world doesn’t always guarantee you’ll have one. Sometimes, it could also mean working with a strict, poker-face manager. Believe it or not, there are ways on how you can get his approval most of the time.

1. Do what you say

From coming to work early to submitting reports on time, give your boss the impression that you’re not only a good employee but can also be trusted even with the small things.

2. Avoid making excuses

Another way to make your boss more supportive is by being responsible with your job. Instead of making excuses, take ownership and be in charge with your tasks. Prove to your boss that nothing is impossible to someone who tries his or her best.

3. Obey before you complain

When a task seems difficult or impossible, don’t complain without trying. Before you say that it’s impossible, make sure that you’ve given it a shot.

4. Provide solution

It’s always easy to see and create problems at workplace. But knowing what to do and having a back-up plan when unexpected circumstances arise always make a difference.

5. Be proactive

Working in a corporate world would mean giving suggestions that will help the team reach its goals. If you proactively give ideas, make sure that the organization will gain a positive result from it.

6. Put yourself in their shoes

One of the best ways to get your boss’ support and approval easily is to think about what he or she would feel about things. They are humans, too. So, before submitting a proposal think about how they will react on it. Do you have the resources? What does the company would gain from it?

With all the challenges in the workplace, it is not always easy to make your boss more supportive. Whether it’s a proposal, raise, or promotion, it takes a lot of guts to ask him or her. But, if you know that it will encourage you or the team to do better, don’t be afraid to approach him/her.

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