A Pro’s Way to Get through Work with a Broken Heart

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Sad woman on the street trying to work with a broken heart

People with a broken heart usually bury themselves with work to distract themselves from the harsh truth that they are now single. But there are some who find it hard to keep their negative emotions out of work. To help you carry yourself professionally in the office, here’s how you can get through work with a broken heart:

How to Get Through Work With a Broken Heart

Know that What You’re Going through is Normal

Everyone who has been in a relationship has experienced heartbreak at one point in their lives. Tearing up because “your theme song” came on is completely normal. Attacking the person playing it to make it stop though is not.

Let the People Around You Know

You don’t have to send an email blast telling people you’re single and hurting. However, you must let your supervisor and teammates know you’re going through something so they’ll understand why you’re unlike your usual self. You don’t want to unintentionally hurt others because you’re difficult to work with at that moment.

Have a Solid Support System

Your colleagues aren’t just your friends; they’re basically your second family. Surround yourself with optimism and know that they have your back both professionally and personally.

Appreciate the Little Things

Did the security guard greet you a good morning and seemed to be genuine about it? Greet him back with the same enthusiasm. Do you have free lunch in the office? Smile and be thankful for it. Be appreciative of the little things because these are the things that matters. Know that you are still very blessed as there are other people going through things that are much worse.

Stay in the Present and Focus on What’s in Front of You

Don’t think about the past and don’t picture too far in the future. Stop pondering on what-ifs and start concentrating on what is. Do your job as well as you can and use your energy to fuel your passion for what you do.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t force yourself to go to work if you really can’t. Avoid spreading negativity in the office by staying at home and “healing”. Ask your supervisor for the day off and use this time to get a hold of your life.

Heartbreak will heal in time; you just need to take it easy and understand that it’s a process. While working with your partner inside the office is a nice idea, you must know the disadvantages it can cause you and your career. Hence, use these tips to get through work with a broken heart.

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Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire at Pixabay.com