Personality Test: What Your Resume Says about You

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Whenever we write a resume, we breathe life on it. We provide the curriculum vitae an animated personality, which hiring managers use as a reference when screening for applicants. If subjected to a personality test, what will your resume tell about you?

Tips on How to Make Your Resume Pass the Application Personality Test

Examine the following statements. At some point, are you guilty of writing mistakes in your job application? To ensure you secure a slot for a job, you must make the hiring manager curious enough to invite you for an interview. How would you do that? Pass the initial personality test so you shine on your resume!

1. What Does This Say on Your Personality Test?

“A results-driven individual that has over 15 years experience as a sales manager. Goal-oriented employee capable of leading a company to greater heights. Multi-faceted and can handle a tremendous amount of pressure at all times.”

Show Your True Self

Initially, you may want to play it safe with an introduction that has been used over a million times. However, there is nothing unique about your application. Chances are, the application queue is teeming with words like goal-oriented and results-driven. To pass the resume personality test, show your true professional self, instead!

2. How It Should Appear:

“I would like to work at your company as a (insert position here).”

State Your Job Objectives

More resumes are following the tradition of using one-sentence job objectives. Though this, you present yourself in the application in a serious fashion, it does not entirely put the applicant in an advantageous position in passing the resume personality test.

3. Here’s How You Come Across:

“I have been working as a (insert position here) for almost 10 years. I have almost indelible experience in the field of (insert industry here). My numerous accolades as a professional include…”

Share How You Could Help the Company

Your application is considered passive and egotistic. Hiring managers do not enjoy for one second reading a resume that is filled with “I” and “me” pronouns. To shift the perspective of recruiters on your resume personality test, shift your strengths on how would you be of help to the company should they hire you.

4. A Personality Test Pet Peeve

“Been working for about seven years as a (insert position here).”

‘Speak’ of Your Achievements

You’d rather talk with the hiring manager than write your achievements on paper. The problem is, you need to write all your achievements before facing the hiring manager in a conversational battle. The process does not work in reverse, and your resume does all the talk at the beginning of a system called a job application.

No matter what kind of job applicant you are, you must ensure that you pass the hiring manager’s resume and personality test. Remember, your resume is your first foot in the door of your dream job!

Image Source: from Pexels