Arrogant Ways to Write Cause for Termination in Your Resume

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a job seeker writing termination reasons on his resume

A terminated employee will take some time before he/she gets over a career-threatening decision executed by the company. In reality, nobody is safe from job termination.

Productive employees down to the inefficient ones are all the same when a company decides to cut costs or lessen manpower due to labor-saving devices.

When an applicant cannot completely get over his/her grief, he/she treats the termination as a procedure that mocks his/her capability to work. This is then carried over to the next job application. When the applicant considers termination as an insulting part to a career, he/she ruins an opportunity to start over with a new job with a new company.

Four Ways You Can Write Your Termination Reasons

Here are some ways that embattled applicants write termination reasons on their resume or in a separate sheet of supplemental document:

  • My previous company was full of lazy, incompetent employees including my past manager. My manager decided to cut me from work because he/she saw me as a threat to his position.
  • It was all politics. My employees think that I’m too good for the position that they decided to ruin my reputation through social media. My manager then fired me for starting an internal ruckus, whom I did not even start.
  • The company decided to lay-off its employees because of a new machine patent that will allow the company to reduce the workforce salary. The direction that the company is trudging will land them problems in the near future. They should have not included me in the lay-off because of my skills and talents. I can even beat a machine with my right hand tied behind my back.
  • My previous company was paranoid. They thought that the office was planning to launch a mutiny against the company’s board of directors. In retaliation, they nullified our contracts and hired a new set of employees within a week.

Employee termination is a challenge that a past employee and now-applicant must face. People brave enough to face terminations are rewarded with a new, invigorating career. Learn how to face diversity and try to live with it until you manage to get a hold of your career.

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