The Best Resume Font Styles to Land a Job Interview

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Research says it only takes 6 seconds for an employer to scan your resume. Evading the typo and grammatical errors is essential to an impressive resume. However, good font style makes a difference. Within that few secs, your boss can decide whether to take or toss away your resume. The different writing fonts matter in its wholeness. Font styles influence a reader’s acuity. Thus, choosing the best resume writing fonts can either make or break your job prospect.

Choice of font styles talks to your target-hiring manager. It reflects your personality and it conveys a persuading vibe to your reader. Make sure to pick the appropriate font that stirs a strong connection. Sure, there are numerous free fonts on the internet. However, failing to find the perfect resume font style quickly kills your chance. Can’t decide what fonts to use for resume writing? Here are the best six resume fonts you can stick with.

Six of the Best Resume Writing Fonts to Amplify Your Resume

1. Calibri

calibri as one of the best resume writing fontsDo you want a safe and easy-to-read font style? Calibri is a default font style in computer programs and usually used in texts. This sans-serif typeface is easy on the eyes, and it gives a clean format of words. Its familiar typeface can never harm your chance to land the job opportunity.

2. Garamond

garamond as one of the best resume writing fontsFor old-style font geeks, Garamond is an option to achieve a simple yet elegant resume. Unlike Times New Roman, this font family is timeless and condensed. It allows you to fit more texts without risking the content. Without looking tight, you can ease your trouble of toning your resume. Its classic typeface makes it different from the common look of Times New Roman. It is one of the best resume writing fonts that reflects class and simplicity.

3. Constantia

constantia as one of the best resume writing fontsTo achieve a softer and gentler outlook resume, go for Constantia. Its classic yet dominant font type hints a confident vibe and assertiveness. If you want that reader-friendly yet assured aura in your resume, Constantia is one of your best free font options.

4. Didot

didot as one of the best resume writing fontsDidot is one of the serif font styles with a distinctive classy look. The serif style gives your resume a chic and sleek interface, which is popular in fashion, brand, and photography industry. Neophytes can take advantage of its large size to highlight skills and hallmarks. Hence, it is perfect for headings because of its clear and large interface.

5. Verdana

verdana as one of the best resume writing fontsIf you need to add contact details in your resume, Verdana is your best choice. Verdana’s extensive characters are readable even for small prints. Spaces between each letter are wide to increase the readability even in smaller font sizes. Although it has wider gaps, the characters are clean and carry a modern sleek design.

6. Cambria

cambria as one of the best resume writing fontsWell, Cambria looks professional in a resume. Similar to other fonts, it has a sheer design and gives a clean interface. Specialized information will look good in this font style. This typeface has a well-made character construction that remains clear even in reduced sizes. It’s one of the best resume writing fonts you can use.

Sure, you’re aiming for a winning resume with substantial info but choice of good font style also matters. Using best resume writing fonts heightens your chance in catching your hiring manager’s drift. Make sure to pick formal and professional fonts for resume and avoid ridiculous, inappropriate ones. Fancy fonts can be tempting but it’ll only ruin your resume’s reliability. As a common job search tool, it is your front line shot that communicates with the firm. Thus, choosing the best resume writing fonts to create your resume boosts your chance to land that interview.

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