How Hiring Managers Assess Your Resume at a Glance

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employers congratulate qualified job seekers after a thorough resume review

Resume is the most important tool in job hunting. As a job seeker, you need to keep in mind that it serves as your “brochure” and “initial point of contact” with your potential employer. Hence, you should be extra careful when writing your piece.

Know that recruiters receive tens of resumes each day, leaving them with little time to review all of them. Hence, they scan and skim each piece within three to six seconds. If your resume fails to catch their attention in such a short span, you can kiss your hiring chances—or your career—goodbye! With its crucial role, it pays that you the time to check its content before handing it to the hiring manager.

20 Common Mistakes That Turn Off Employers

How do employers review resume within a few seconds? What do they look for in a resume for it to easily land in the trash can? Here is the list:


1. Poor grammar
2. Typographical error
3. Spelling error
4. Missing contact info, or inaccurate or unprofessional email address
5. Inaccuracy on dates, titles, and/or educational attainment

Format and Layout

6. Wrong choice of format
7. Poor layout, uneven spaces
8. Long, dense paragraphs; no bullet points
9. Fancy font style
10. Long resume


11. Lack of career tag
12. Self-serving introductions or objectives
13. No qualifications summary
14. Inclusion of personal details not related to the job
15. Lack of keywords
16. Incomplete info about past jobs
17. Focus on job descriptions rather than accomplishments
18. Gaps in employment, missing details
19. Presence of pictures, graphics or URL links
20. Use of first or third-person point of view

If you want to have the best resume and pass your potential employers’ resume review, you may need to work with a professional resume writer to avoid being in the “rejected” list. Remember your resume can make or break your career. Why should you care about spending money? After all, a resume is your ticket to a bright future.

Hiring an expert writer to do your resume will surely increase your chances of getting job interview invites. They know what to include in your resume to help you get your target job. Now, if you can’t find the right one, you might want to consider our list of best resume writers.

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