Future Rewards and Benefits of Your Internship

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an intern on the phone talking about the future rewards

You think spending 120 hours—or more—doing your internship just to get a good grade is such a waste? Think again.

If you just ‘played’ during your internship, you really can tell it’s a waste. A big waste, actually. But if you took it seriously, acting like a true employee, you have given yourself a future reward. To prove you that, here are some internship benefits you need to look forward to:

You have shown them you’re a responsible future-worker.

If you obeyed all his orders and done a damn good job, you have given yourself the benefit of being remembered at and being considered for the future vacancy by your practicum boss.

You have a clue to your dream career.

This is one of the beautiful wonders of your internship benefits. Most of the time, the internship will make you realize what is the career path you should be taking. It will show you what field you fit.

You have something valuable to add in your résumé.

Things that you have done during your internship, like computer encoding, business letter writing, etc. are of value to you in your future job application. It may not be the ‘real’ work experience, but still, it is an experience that will put much weight in your résumé. It is something that a hiring manager may consider during the application.

You have the chance of passing your interview with flying colors.

During the interview, you will be asked what your duties were during your OJT stint. You have a lot to tell, however, instead of talking about your duties, stress about your accomplishments and valuable skills achieved and there’s a big chance that you will pass your interview with flying colors.

You have something to put in your references.

Isn’t it better if you put your practicum boss’s name in your reference than anyone who does not know your work attitude and your capabilities?

You have a wide network.

If you have made friends during your OJT, maintain your contacts with them. They may be able to give you information or leads regarding job vacancies.

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