15 Jobs Most People Dream of Having

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A smiling man wearing suit ready to go to his dream jobs

Are you stuck in a job you detest? Do you have to drag your feet to work every day because it’s the last place you want to be? Well, people who have their “dream jobs” don’t understand these problems.

But what are the world’s dreamiest jobs?

15 Dream Jobs You Might Want to Try

1. Professional Sleeper

As the name implies, professional sleepers get paid to sleep. Testing sleep medicines and the comfort of different beds are only a couple of things covered by their profession. Isn’t one of the dream jobs we visualize especially waking up up in the morning to go to work.

2. Professional Snuggler

A professional snuggler or cuddler gets paid by the hour to—you guessed right, cuddle. It’s an intimate and therapeutic service that a lot of people pay good money for. These “snugglers” also serve as shoulders to lean on and sometimes even crying buddies.

3. Waterslide Tester

Though you won’t usually see a job ad for this position, there’s no denying that it’s an awesome profession. A waterslide tester travels to water parks and creates reviews of slides and venues.

4. Video Game Tester

This job is probably a dream for most boys and young men. But it’s not all fun. A pro video tester/gamer plays games that are created—and still being improved—by developers to look for errors. This involves repeating a level multiple times.

5. Hollywood Stunt Person

A dangerous and straining job, being a professional stunt double is no easy job. You have to stand in for actors when filming a considerably dangerous scene.

6. Voice Over Artist

If you have a well-modulated voice that can change on demand, maybe voice acting is a suitable gig for you. You’ll voice-over commercials, TV shows, and movies.

7. Greensman

Still part of showbiz, a greensman is part of the art department and is in charge of arranging everything “green” (i.e. plants, trees, flowers) in a movie or a TV show set.

8. Race Engineer

A Race Engineer plays an important part in professional car racing events. They communicate between the car driver and data analyst to ensure maximum performance.

9. Blimp Pilot

You know those huge blimps you see in the sky that plays advertisements? There’s a pilot in there. And they just love what they’re doing the entire day.

10. Professional Drone Photographer

Because taking pictures from dangerous heights or of dangerous situations is too dangerous, some photographers use drones to get the shots they need. It’s not as easy as one might think though.

11. Unexploded Ordinance Technician

These pros are in charge of mitigating the threat of an unexploded object (i.e. bombs). They share some similarities and differences with bomb squad technicians.

12. Gumologist

If you have a passion for chewing sugary goodness for hours at a time, then why not apply to be a gumologist? You’ll be testing out new products and developments for gum companies.

13. Tea Taster

Because tea is so complex it calls for a pro. A tea taster must be well-versed with all kinds of tea and must drink up to 200 cups of the leafy goodness in a day.

14. Chocolatier

If chocolates are more your speed, then why not be a chocolatier and create recipes and goodies made from different kinds of chocolates?

15. Panda Nanny

You get to be around pandas, take care of them, and see them grow. Is that not the best job in the world? At least, according to China.

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