Be a More Productive Career Woman in 24 Smart Tips

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While workmates start their day with a cup of coffee in the pantry, she can barely clean her desk. While they enjoy lunch, she rushes to finish hers. This is the usual routine of a productive career woman.

If this sounds like you, here’s good news: These scenarios don’t mean you have a bigger project or workload or you’re a hard worker. It may mean your workmates have mastered certain timesaving skills and habits you haven’t—until now.

Best 10 Resume Writers gives you the following tips on how you can boost your productivity while reducing your stress levels. Read on to discover more.

24 Tips that Can Help You to Become a Productive Career Woman

  1. Keep fit.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Eat quality meals that include fiber-rich carbohydrates (e.g. water-rich vegetables) and lean protein (e.g. chicken or fish).
  4. Write a realistic, actionable to-do list.
  5. Use technology with intent.
  6. Create boundaries for your family and personal times.
  7. Empty your inbox and clear your desk.
  8. Don’t say “yes” to favors and requests that divert you from your priorities.
  9. Be flexible. Don’t get stressed when something comes up or your plans change.
  10. Focus on benefits, not on difficulties.
  11. Schedule your meetings, calls, and other challenging tasks after lunch.
  12. Respond to e-mails sometimes, set your cell phone to airplane mode, and disable your desktop alerts.
  13. Set a time limit on tight deadlines and tasks.
  14. Stop being a perfectionist.
  15. Don’t wait for someone to make you laugh. Visit your favorite funny blog or share a silly photo with a friend or co-worker.
  16. Break down complex assignments into bite-size chunks and finish them one at a time.
  17. Stop doing everything and let other people help you.
  18. Set your goals and reward yourself for early or on-time completion of tasks.
  19. Automate tasks instead of repeating them every day.
  20. Back up your decisions with data instead of estimations/guesses.
  21. Stop working overtime.
  22. Practice self-care with a little pampering.
  23. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  24. Review your progress each day and improve.

It’s hard to be productive, but the rewards are more than worth it. When you’re fruitful at work, not only will you grow your business, you’ll reduce stress along the way, too.

Do you know other tips to stay productive? Share them with the expert provider of resume writing companies’ reviews, Best 10 Resume Writers!

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