How to Decline a Job Offer and Tips to Navigate Multiple Job Calls

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One significant change that happened to mankind after the boom of the internet age is having better channels of communication. Instead of writing a bunch of letters and waiting for days to share stories, we can now instantly talk or write to anyone worldwide. With a single click, we can now send messages to groups of people.

Unknowingly, this has also changed the present job search game. The convenience of sending messages faster has encouraged many of us to level up our job search. So, instead of sending one job application, most of us are guilty of sending a bunch of requests to job listing sites. Well, this method is not wrong. In fact, this could open doors toward future career opportunities. But in the end, you must choose one and turn down the others. Here are tips to help you choose your next career and ways on how to decline a job offer gracefully.

How to Navigate Multiple Job Offers

Before knowing how to decline a job offer, you must first weigh which of the job roles fits your career plans best. You might wonder how you should choose among those jobs. Here are three key factors that would help you handle multiple job offers.

Personal Choices

In dealing with multiple job offers, assess your choices. What are your goals? Which of the jobs best fits you? Will the job fulfill your growth? Remember, you’ll bear the effects of the choice you made. Many job searchers land the wrong job because of labor market mismatch. Hence, list down your career goals and check if the job offer matches your character. Work while doing the things you love. This way, you’ll suffer less stress, too.

Career Growth

After plotting you career plan, find ways to attain them. Will a big salary inspire you? Does a stable job let you climb the career ladder at a shorter pace? To achieve your target, decide if you’ll cross a river or climb a mountain. In weeding out multiple job offers, it’s best to pinpoint your motivator. Is it the pay? Or is it the room for promotions? Having a job you love yet is a place where you’re not properly rewarded might be something that would depress you.

Company Benefits

Companies use added services to convince talents to join them. This criterion will help you decide when you have multiple job offers with similar career growth. Also, having a good working culture is a major plus point.

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How to Decline a Job Offer and Tips to Navigate Multiple Job Calls 1

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Now that you already narrowed down your choices by refining your search, it’s time to select the best job post for you. Here’s a list of things to help you decide.

The Working Setup

The working setup plays a crucial role in your stay. Feel the general vibe of the team and your tasks. Ask about your work hours and rest days. Will you be prompted to do tasks during weekends when things get demanding? Will there be a work-from-home option for enhanced health and safety measures? The answers must be excellent for you at best and tolerable at worst.

Benefits Package of the Job Offer

Ah, the benefits. That’s the crux of why you’ve been vying to land the job. Don’t plunge into a job offer that you barely know. Politely ask if you can get a copy of the entire job offer. You can also discuss your preferred work setup and leave credits. Mull it over before finally giving your ‘yes’ to the employer.


Remember one adage for corporate responsibilities: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Clarify your job roles and tasks before saying giving in to the job offer. If it’s too taxing and you have second thoughts, it’s better to analyze it thoroughly before dismissing your doubts.

Job Offer’s Room for Growth

You have to ask yourself again: Where do I see myself after five years? Assess whether this job offer will lead you toward growth or a dead end. Accept the job offer if you really need one now. Eventually, you might want to consider a company that pays lesser but gives you bigger opportunities for professional growth.

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Tips on How to Decline a Job Offer

How do you turn down a job offer? Here are tips to guide you during this process:

1. Never ignore a job offer.

Ignoring a job offer is a major no-no. It doesn’t put you in a better light and can simply make you appear unprofessional. Always acknowledge their calls and emails once they reach out to you. Immediately inform them if you don’t wish to proceed with the job process. This way, they can offer the job post to the next chosen candidate.

2. Don’t let hiring managers wait.

Respond to their emails or calls immediately. Stringing the company up and dropping the ball at the last minute can certainly infuriate your prospective employer.

Give them the chance to look for other candidates if you’re no longer interested in the position. Also, never let the other company exert extra effort in making you feel comfortable with the job offer. This will only worsen the situation if you reject their offer.

3. Be professional when declining an offer.

Just because you are to decline their offer and pursue a different career track means you can already complain and badmouth them about your interview experience with them. Always maintain proper working etiquette. You can never tell whether you’ll be working with them in the future. As such, you need to maintain the bridge you have built with them during your interview.

Say good things about the company and appreciate their effort in entertaining your application. In explaining why you selected the other job offer, mention that it is a matter of choosing between two great opportunities, but you need to pick one. Avoid comparing them with the company that you chose for it might leave a bad remark.

4. Recommend your peers.

Suggest another candidate to replace you. You may reach out to your colleagues or inform them about the job post. Even if that person doesn’t accept the offer, introducing someone is a gift. Never forget to leave a good impression and reputation.

5. Keep that bridge intact.

Maintain a positive relationship with the hiring managers and company, even if you will not accept their offer. This is a good chance to widen your network and build instant connections. Who knows? You might cross your paths again, now with a better job offer.

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What to Include in a Job Rejection Letter

After choosing the job role that you’ll accept, it’s time to decline the offer of other hiring managers. Here’s a guide on writing a job rejection letter:

1. Say ‘thank you’.

First, thank them for the chance to proceed with the job search process. Let them know that you highly appreciate the time and effort that they poured to reach you. Maintain a tone of gratitude as you compose the letter.

2. Provide your reasons.

Write justifiable reasons on why you’d turn down the offer. You don’t need to say specific details but a general view of your decision. You can refer to the list above to help you write enough reasons to decline the job offer.

3. Include conclusion.

Lastly, conclude your job rejection letter in a formal yet warm tone. You may offer to stay in touch so that you can widen your professional network. While not required, including contact details is acceptable. Thank them once again before you finally end the letter.

How to Decline a Job Offer: Email Sample

How to properly turn down a job that you think isn’t a good fit for you? Here’s a template you can follow:

Subject line: Job offer – [Your Name]
Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager],

Thank you for giving me the chance to join your team as [job position]. However, after careful consideration, I have decided that this is not the right fit for my current career goals.

I very much appreciate your time and effort to discuss the role and vision of [Company Name].

Again, thank you for the job offer, and best wishes for your continued success.

Your Name

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How to Decline a Job Offer and Tips to Navigate Multiple Job Calls 3

Choosing the Best Job Offer for Your Career

The advent of internet has made job search convenient. You can easily find vacant posts online and submit your resume with a click. Sending job requests to a handful of companies opens doors of opportunities. But once you’ve found the best one for you, you must formally and professionally turn down the others to avoid a bad impression.

Rejecting job offers can be tacky and overwhelming. However, once you learn how to decline a job offer gracefully, navigating multiple job offers will come easy. If you need a career professional to assist you in your job search, check our list of resume writing services. You can also browse through our career tips for more resume help.