4 Best Tips for Job Networking

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Different people chatting and doing the art of networking through professional ethics

Most people dread the artificial air in networking events. Probably because some are acting differently as they’re trying to sell something. But face it, you have no choice but to get your hands dirty in order to find a prospective employer. Personal interaction is a lot more effective than mailing your resume to HR. Now, if you want to know how to act in situations like business events, you might like to heed these tips on the art of job networking from Best 10 Resume Writers:

The Art of Job Networking: Four Best Ways on How to Succeed in Job Networking

1. Bring a friend around, then act like a host.

People tend to be more confident and braver to socialize when they are with a friend. And you do the same favor to your pal. When it comes to making new connections, approaching a person for a one-on-one conversation is always awkward. So bringing a buddy along can break the ice, plus it will make conversations more spontaneous and engaging.

2. You don’t always need to sell.

Of course, selling yourself is the bottom line of networking events, but the fact is, it’s unappealing. People who go there are concerned about what they can get out of it, not what they could do to help you. Engage in an interesting conversation if the person already looks jaded with the tiring sales talk. Forget about whether he would hire you or not. If you become friends, that’s as good as a business connection.

3. Practice an elevator speech and a closing line.

After you prepared your materials like business cards and pens, practice a 45-second speech that can catch the attention of the person you want to talk with. Practice the pitch at home and in front of the mirror. When you deliver it, keep your tone natural and centered to the person you’re talking to. Tell of ways that your connection can benefit them. In a networking event, attendees aren’t looking for people to help. They are looking for people who could help them.

4. Follow up.

Remember to send a personalized e-mail to everyone you met right after the event. Thank them for their time and good conversation. Then you can ask if it will be okay to them if you add them on social media sites like LinkedIn. Miracles don’t happen right after the event. It happens as you build genuine connections to the people you have met along the way. Don’t communicate only when you need them, or it will be a red flag in your business. Best10ResumeWriters recommends you to establish a non-scripted rapport with people. At the bottom of it all, the business of networking is not all about sales, it’s more about people and friendships.

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