35 Important Jobs That No Longer Exist – Part 2

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street sweepers hold jobs that no longer exist

What matters to our society today, may not matter anymore tomorrow. This is a cold, harsh truth that we must be accustomed to. Professions that existed decades or even centuries ago are only part of history now. Who’s to say that “our” jobs wouldn’t suffer the same fate?

To honor the noble and significant occupations our ancestors had, here’s the continuation of our list of 35 important jobs that no longer exist:

Jobs That No Longer Exist

11. Lungs

One of the most ironic professions yet, “Lungs” were people employed to fan the fire in alchemist shops. Because of all the dangerous materials floating about in the labs, the actual lungs of the so-called “Lungs” give out quite easily. This is one of those jobs that can lead a person to very early retirement.

12. Computers

Before Charles Babbage invented the computer, there were already people known as “Computers”. These are [usually] women who convert figures and crunch numbers manually. During both World Wars, demands for this profession were awfully high. Can you even imagine a world with no internet? Probably most of the jobs that no longer exist may still be relevant today.

13. Food Safety Testers

In old times, especially in palaces, before food is served to royalty, a food safety tester would taste every part of the meal to ensure that it is safe to eat and not poisoned.

They were lucky Gordon Ramsay wasn’t born at the time yet.

14. Knocker-Uppers

No, they weren’t people paid to get women pregnant. They were, however, tasked to go from house to house and wake people up to ensure they’re not late for work.

This got inducted to the jobs that no longer exist hall of fame, probably due to this reason.

15. Lector Entertaining Factory Workers

We could think of them as the old version of audiobooks. They were hired to read literature to employees, to entertain them while they’re working.

Thank goodness for audio players, eh? Just imagine if one decided to be extra and reenact what was being read, then probably they wouldn’t end up in the jobs that no longer exist list.

16. Log Drivers

Even before roads were built, Log Drivers were already in existence. They were in charge of transporting logs and other forms of lumber by dragging them through rivers.

They were also known as the Fast and Furious gang. Have you ever wondered why this got included in the jobs that no longer exist? They probably got a stint in Hollywood.

17. Street Sweepers

As the name implies, they sweep the streets and sidewalks, as well as pick up garbage and other junk. They usually do so during the wee hours, because there are virtually no people around.

I imagine the job would be easier if they also asked for help from animals. Who knows, with today’s heightened awareness in taking care of the environment, this job might make a comeback from the list of jobs that no longer exist?

Muscle Jobs That No Longer Exist

To continue with the list of jobs that no longer exist, the below jobs used their muscles, mind or body, to get the job done.

18. Pre-Radar Listeners

Imagine sitting for hours with a humongous device (that detects sound waves) on your ears, listening for any incoming enemy attacks. People who did this are called Pre-Radar Listeners.

They’re like reverse-DJs or something.

19. Quarrymen

These people extracted stone from the earth to carve different items. This is a dangerous job since rocks could easily fall and injure or kill workers.

20. Lamp Lighters

Another straight-forward job, Lamp Lighters would go around neighborhoods and manually light gas-fueled lamps.

We can only imagine how frustrated they are when Dumbledore did this. “I have to light it again?!” Maybe that’s why they belonged to the jobs that no longer exist. Because Dumbledore, then Ron, keeps clicking the lighter.

21. Coal Stokers

Coal Stokers are there to keep ships running, by shoveling coal into the furnaces. Because they are in the boiler room, this makes for an exhausting and dangerous job.

So, while the ships travel, dozens of men were working hard below them. No worries.

22. Switchboard Operators

This career was considered very important, not so long ago. A switchboard operator’s job is to connect every phone call by manually connecting wires. This profession was dominated by women.

This endeavor would have been easier, even if you’re an ex-felon, perhaps?

23. Sin-Eater

In many cultures, especially in the European Middle Ages, food was left on a corpse to “absorb” its sins. A sin-eater’s job is to eat the food retrieved, resulting in him/her absorbing the deceased’s sins.

Are you now considering that mediocre job offer you got last week?

24. Mudlarks

In the 18th and 19th centuries in London, people who scavenged in river mud for valuable items were called Mudlarks.

Because, you just got to do what you got to do, even if it means you have to be in jobs that no longer exist in a few years.

25. Necessary Woman

The Necessary Woman is the king’s personal cleaner. Aside from regular cleaning, she is fully responsible for emptying the king’s chamber pot.

Do you wonder about life as a royalty? We may never know, just like what happened to other jobs that no longer exist.

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