Should You Accept a Mediocre Job or Not?

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Most newbies that just got out of college have an image of themselves landing their dream jobs immediately and being on their merry way to career success. Some, on the other hand, aren’t really sure where they fall on the wage scale. In any case, you need to ask you self if you are willing to accept a mediocre job or not.

Unfortunately, reality has a different plan for these young professionals. “Idealists” get disappointed as they come to realize that they won’t be managing anyone any time soon and the other kind… well, they find out that even if they do get a job offer, it’ll be a very underwhelming one.

Nowadays, a lot of students getting ready to enter the “real world” are curious as to how they should handle mediocre jobs and job offers. Should you take it? Should you hold off until a better one comes along? Here’s our take on it:

Should You Accept a Mediocre Job or Job Offer?

Yes, you should. Did you not expect that answer? Let’s break it down.

The economy is very unpredictable nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with being a little picky—careful, if you will—in choosing a job. But you shouldn’t be overly so that you decline a decent offer in hopes of landing one that is much more impressive.

There is a job-skill mismatch problem. Here’s a dose of reality; there are job vacancies out there. Unfortunately, people qualified for those positions are hard to find.

The cost of living isn’t getting cheaper. Every day there’s a product or service out there that is more expensive today than it did yesterday. What’s worse is people’s wages aren’t getting any higher. So whatever budgeting scheme we had last month probably won’t apply this month.

Every job is an opportunity to increase your “market value”. Related to your chosen field or not, every job can add ammunition to your resume. You can always learn new skills and pick up new things here and there, which will be to your advantage in furthering your career.

Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” Though this is a beautifully inspiring quote, it does not apply to everyone at every point in their careers. It’s more important to learn to love what you’re doing, do it well, and never lose sight of what you want to achieve in the future.

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