Power Words to Describe Yourself to Potential Employer

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The use of resume summaries, cover letters, statements for a job interview, and essays has become more common in recent years. With this, one hiring manager must have read tens of thousands of such materials and letters in their term. As a job seeker, setting yourself apart from your rivals is quite a challenge. Telling employers why you’re the best candidate lies in answering job interview questions. Check your word choice before saying your skills and background. Apply the right words on each document you must submit. If you find it hard to express yourself in paper, we’ll give you an idea on the power words to use.

Right Choice of Words to Describe Yourself Effectively 

You can choose from so many adjectives to get the attention of hiring managers. Nowadays, recruiters use personality measures to choose the best candidate for the job. However, the way to use adjectives in your resume differs depending on where you’ll use them. Stress the best in you in a positive light through this guide. No need for wasted words in your draft, because we have listed the words you need for the following tools:

Profile in Resume or CV 

A resume is 90% business writing and 10% personal writing. Nothing is wrong with adding your personality to your resume but make sure those skills are relevant. You also have to be more specific. Companies look for accurate data in a job seeker’s resume. Thus, show off your career highlights backed with real results.

Resume Adjectives

  • Innovative – Use this in your summary showing how you reached your goals. “Innovative professional, known for setting and meeting key performance indicators which boosted the company’s competitive edge.”
  • Visionary – Everyone can set goals but not all can think and generate winning results. “Visionary leader; recognized for making notable contributions toward process improvements”
  • Problem solver – Any company needs someone who can deal with issues and suggest solutions. “Armed with problem-solving skills in handling escalations.”
  • Versatile/Adaptable – It is essential to keep the good vibes at work. They look for someone with skills and who knows the balance between work and personal matters. “Armed with proven versatility/adaptability working with technical teams, business analysts, and subject matter experts across all disciplines.”
  • Systematic – Display your ability to perform tasks under stress. “Efficient at setting meetings and events, coordinating project-based work, and managing vital contracts.”

With these adjectives, recruiters may find you to be an ideal fit for the job and the company.

Power words to describe yourself to interviewer
Power Words to Describe Yourself to Potential Employer 1

Demonstrate Work Quality in a Cover Letter

After updating your resume, you must also work on your cover letter. In it, you can use adjectives that best describe who you are at work and outside the office. 

In case you’re changing careers, having less to no experience can be an issue. But it doesn’t mean you can’t mention your past jobs in your resume. Speak of the transferable skills such as communication skills, team accountability, and time management. 

Replace “I am writing this letter to…” with “With my years of experience in the field, I would like to contribute more to a company where I can grow.”

Show Your Key Attributes in the Opening Statement 

Job interviews are your key to a lot of opportunities. Your success rate to get the job you want depends mostly on how well you did in answering interview questions. Time is of the essence here. Therefore, you must be prepared for this chance to express your qualities. Align your story with your purpose to cite your professional experience. Be subtle in your introduction, but make them read more about you. 

Here’s a sample to describe yourself in the interview:

“Apart from being a diligent individual with well-rounded interests, I also see myself as a person with a clear vision in mind… be of service to others and leave an impact in people’s lives, Thus, I have involved myself in various nonprofit groups and private entities with a mission to help and advocate for the enhancement of people’s well-being.”

Coming up with Best Words to Describe Yourself 

To stand out among the rest, change your style and know what qualities to write.  No matter how many descriptive words you have in your document, remember that truthfulness is still key. 

Once you have a target position, check the job post and requirements. Then, create a list about your work experience, personal attributes, and education. Now that you have an outline of your story, it will be easier writing more about yourself in any job application tool. 

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