How to Connect Job Objectives to Weird Interview Questions

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Did you know corporate America, especially those Fortune’s Top 500 companies, have adopted new, tongue-in-cheek interview setups to check your job objectives? These companies challenge the applicant with mind-boggling questions that would stretch the imagination. Fret not, here’s how to score points for job objectives in responding to these questions.

Weird Interview Questions for Job Objectives

Here are a few examples, which you may have encountered a few times from big and small corporations alike:

  • If you were stuck on a deserted island with your boss, what solutions would you think of to save your “boss” from death?
  • I am thinking about a number between 1 and 100. What number is it?
  • If the 2012 catastrophe was right and you are in the middle of the job interview with a tsunami ready to deluge the building, what will you tell the interviewer?
  • Tell me how great you are.

If you’ve been asked these questions, would you feel baffled to the point that you’re thinking of leaving the interview process? Keep your cool. Did you know most oddball or weird questions are formulated to test the applicant right on the spot? These questions are not puzzles yet they are part of the interview, to determine if the applicant is qualified or not.

Stop searching for hidden clues. Your answers lie on your resume. Let us review these questions further:

Tips on How to Answer Weird Interview Questions that Relate to Your Job Objectives

Deserted island predicament

Questions about choice and morality often poke fun on an individual’s level of intellect. However, these interview queries analyze what the applicant can do for the company, which translate to your job objectives. Hence, do not take it seriously. Imagine that the deserted island is a predicament only you and your manager can solve. Included on your curriculum vitae are proficiencies you can use to answer the question.

The number’s game

Be careful as this one’s a bit tricky. Your only solution here is to play around with the question. You do not even need to consult your resume for an answer. Sometimes, you just need to show how quick you can think on your feet, which could reflect your job objectives and work attitude. Witty answers should save the day. Once asked, you can either answer 3, a humorous preemptive which means I Am Hired (three stands for word count). Learn how to play the interview and respond to the interviewee’s mind games quickly.

Tell how great you are

First, consult your curriculum vitae for answers. Then, tell the interviewee your worth. One of your job objectives is of course to get hired, therefore, make it a point to sell yourself, as you’ve done in your job application documents. Your response should come directly from the information written on them. Lastly, do not be intimidated with such questions.

If you will encounter weird and tricky interview questions, don’t worry. Show them your job objectives, using these tips!

Lucy Andrews works with fellow contributor Derek Greene as a workshop facilitator and has been instrumental in the success of various annual workshops held in different states.

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