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Aside from ads and job boards, job search networks can also give applicants like you the much-needed break. In this article, we will discuss the pros and importance of networking in job search. In addition, we’ll give you tips on how to make the most out of your job networks in simple ways but with maximum results.

What is Job Search Networking?

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Before we list the effective job search networking tips, let’s define the term first. Job search networking is an effective method of building connections with the right people to attain your career goal. It consists of key people that will link you to job leads.

You might ask, “Are job search networks really helpful in building my career?” Recruitment experts reported that most professionals will agree that you get better chances of getting hired if you found the opening through your job network. The same survey by LinkedIn stressed how the majority of professionals (80 percent) appreciate the importance of job search networking in opening doors for new career opportunities.

What Are the Different Types of Job Networks?

Job search networks may be tapped via informal or formal means. Informal methods include casual chats with your contacts while formal methods need a more direct approach.

Personal Job Network

These are people you have close interactions with on a regular basis at present or in the past. They can rather be your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

Organizational Job Network

Professionals you met through your line of work belong to this group. They may be past clients, former colleagues, and even associates from a rival firm.

Community Job Network

These are contacts you met through corporate socializing. This may include your church leader, co-alumna/alumnus, co-member in a professional organization, etc.

Electronic Job Network

These are people you can meet through electronic means like online job forums and social media. LinkedIn is the best example of an electronic job network.

What Are the Benefits of Job Search Networks?

Companies receive hundreds of applications every day. In this sea of resumes, how can you make yours stand out? Aside from your stellar credentials, employers value important recommendations from trusted contacts. Likewise, networking helps you gain reliable information that can help your career progress.

And by speaking with the right people, you assert yourself towards your dream job without being too pushy. Hence, your job search will be more successful if you direct your efforts towards these viable job leads. Thus, knowing the right people who can give a good word about you or reveal hidden job markets boosts your chance of landing a job.

How Can You Maximize Your Job Search Networks with Less Frills?

Apply these following job search networking tips to make the most out of your career connections:

Be Genuine

Networking thrives in building relationships. Hence, be yourself but don’t make everything all about you. Further, showing that you know how to listen will leave a good impression and point out your great character.

Plan Ahead

Before you contact key people, know which doors you want them to open for you. In addition, conversations flow naturally if you first set your mind to a specific goal from the beginning. Hence, make sure to plot your next steps to avoid awkward silence that can ruin the flow.

Say ‘Thank You’

These two words work like magic for anyone, including job search networks. Thank your contacts whether through a quick call, an email, or face-to-face chats. It creates a nice impression. Besides, it won’t hurt to appreciate and spread kindness. Aside from this, it will harbor goodwill and can also strengthen your relationship.

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