Sell Yourself through Your Marketing Specialist Resume

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Girl mentoring her friend how to write a marketing specialist resume

You are a marketing specialist professional. You are sitting in front of your computer, maybe with the phone just right beside you, while reading this article rather than standing before a competent team and holding what could be retail documents or newly devised promotional strategies. You have sent numerous application forms to different companies, yet the phone won’t ring to give you any positive news. By this time, you must have already recognized that there might be a problem with the most important thing that serves as the ticket to your dreams: your marketing specialist resume wasn’t able to advertise yourself enough to the hiring managers.

So, how can your application make you a “selling image” to the nitpicky recruiters? While the “eyes are the windows of one’s soul,” the document is the reflection of who and what you are as a professional. In line with this, an emphasis on your full capabilities and specialties must be written so as to show what you can do for their company. There are three important parts where you can highlight all of your features: the summary of qualifications, areas of expertise, and professional experiences.

Summary of Qualifications

For each job opening, heaps of application forms are received by hiring managers. In order to hire a highly capable employee without spending too much time reading loads of documents, they look at the summary of qualifications to see an applicant’s overview. This section highlights the most relevant skills, experiences, or achievements of an applicant, and it determines whether he is qualified or not for the job. It can be either in bullet or paragraph form.

In your marketing specialist resume, you can use this section to spotlight the qualities that you can offer to the hiring company. If you are a dedicated professional who has completed projects and led multiple teams for five years, you can write, “Committed and goal-driven professional with five years of progressive experience in the marketing industry. Demonstrate unparalleled leadership skills in directing several teams to complete multiple projects and accomplish corporate goals and expectations.”

Areas of Expertise

In here, you can enumerate the skills that you have acquired from years of work. In some application documents, it is categorized under the Summary of Qualifications, but it can be written as a separate section.

Remember that hiring managers look for keywords. Read their job description carefully to know what to include. Usually, some of the competencies that are required in this type of work are Key Account Acquisitions, Market Analysis and Forecasting, and Interpersonal Communication.

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