Top Skills That Attract Hiring Managers’ Interests

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In today’s job market, an applicant without any skills at all will most probably be left out in the cold. The continued development of workplace technology brings a new set of personal skills. Applicants are expected to have them and should appear in his/her resume.

Not very long ago, having computer skills like Word and Excel and surfing is an edge over other hopefuls. Now, these skills are becoming universal and one can learn or acquire them easily.

In addition to the basic computer know-how most professions require these days, here are the top skills you should include in your resume. Depending on the type of work you seek, these skills can simply capture the interest of hiring managers.

Social and communication skills

Social and communication skills are vital to each job. Indeed, good communication with other people in the workplace is a key to a smooth working relationship, bringing you closer toward reaching a common goal. On the other hand, poor social skills can strain or ruin a harmonious relationship.

If you are someone who has mastered doing customer services, coaching, team seminars, or have served on live committees, make sure to include these items into your application. Employers want people who can play well with others.

Foreign language

Being knowledgeable in different languages or bilingualism is a plus factor in a job application. If you speak more than one language, let your potential employers know even if they do not think to ask. Start picking up a new language if you have the time. There are fairly inexpensive language software available.

Social networking

This is another skill you can learn quickly if you do not have it yet. Including links on your resume to your professional social networking accounts will let potential employers know you keep abreast with technology.

Professional Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook accounts show you keep up with the times. This can provide additional beneficial information to employers about your talents and expertise.


Candidates who know what a good leadership is and possess the relevant skills and principles will have an advantage over others. No matter what job you intend to pursue, you will succeed in your job search as many firm owners realize the importance of this quality. Besides, companies now operate on employee empowerment principles since many employees get the necessary training as regards leadership education. Hence, you must include any leadership training you got or position you held in your application.

Cross-cultural experience

If you’re armed with cross-cultural skills (grown up in another culture and able to understand their social nuances), this will really be favorable to you. While learning another language is great, knowing other culture’s acceptable manners and laws can be critical in today’s business settings.

Smart skills

Many jobs require communication skills. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) applications and smartphone technology are booming. The jury is still out but the future will see diminished use of the personal computers even in business as more applications are developed and Internet access systems are morphed into smaller devices. Web conferencing iPhone, iPad, and Google apps for contacts, scheduling, calendars, web conferencing, meeting, and event planning are becoming increasingly popular. Let the hiring manager know you’re good at using them.

In today’s world, at the very least, a grasp of SEO is a plus for a growing number of jobs. Webmasters, salespeople, managers, graphic artists, web builders, writers’ understanding of SEO can bring benefits to employers. If you have SEO skills, by all means, fit them into your piece. If this knowledge can at all be relevant to the job you seek, this will surely give you an edge against your rivals.

Jerry Jackson has traveled to most parts of Europe and Asia giving talks on corporate recruitment and employee management.

Image Source: Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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