Interview Preparation Guide and Fail Stories to Learn From

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The employer and candidate discussing during a job interview
Do you get nervous whenever you think about the job interview process? We know how tedious job interview preparation can be. From the common interview questions you’ve never heard of proper body language and dress code to observe, every facet calls for planning. So, the perfect time to prepare is now. To give you a gist of what happens when jitters take over an applicant, we listed job interview stories you’ll definitely—and must—learn from. You’ve probably read various funny job interview stories. Well, the Internet has plenty of it. As an applicant, rather than embarrassing yourself in front of your prospective employer, giving an awkward five-second pause seems a better choice, right? Read on to learn from these funny job interview scenes.

1. Brought a Sidekick

An anonymous recruiter shared that an applicant’s friend came bustling in inside their office and asked, “How much longer?” This embarrassing moment proves that showing up alone in a job interview is the best choice.

2. The Frozen Stunt

Using an interview tool, an applicant answered a set of interview questions. However, she ran out of answers and stared blankly without blinking for 15 seconds—pretending to experience some kind of glitch. Little did she know, her silly approach was too obvious to ignore. As called for, she failed to get the job she wants, landing her on the list of fail interview stories instead.

3. What’s Your Business?

An HR staff in New York City stated that oftentimes, there are applicants that ask him, “Can you inform me about your business?” The recruiter’s advice? “Seriously, there’s an Internet. Look it up.”

4. For the Love of Candy

We should act accordingly everywhere. However, one applicant, as reported by Career Builder, still wasn’t aware of this rule. The interviewee grabbed her potential employer’s candy dish and poured everything into her pocket. Sure, candy is fun. But… during a job interview?

If you’re puzzled with these stories, you’re not alone. In fact, while these interview stories may be funny, employers will beg to differ. The corporate world is rapidly changing—which means employers’ time doesn’t come in cheap, too. So, lessen the interview fails, impress your interviewers, and win the job . Read our helpful guide below.

A man and a woman holding coffee and facing each other discussing several job interview stories with each other.

5 Tips Toward Job Interview Success​

  1. Be mindful. Pay attention to the basics of job interviews. Arm yourself with knowledge. Research the company background. Remember to brace yourself mentally and physically for the result.
  2. Prepare the essentials. Bring the copy of your resume and cover letter. Don’t forget pens or pencils, too. Arrange them neatly in a briefcase. Make sure you’ve prepared these things ahead of time.
  3. Talk it out. Still nervous? Practice the interview questions and learn proper eye contact with a friend. That way, you’ll gain first-hand experience of job interviews.
  4. Act as if. Use trusted interview tools to execute your preparation thoroughly. Aside from helping you prepare, these tools will help lessen your anxiety, too.
  5. Be there on time. Showing up late on a job interview kills your hiring chances. Arrive 15 minutes early and have a quick time reviewing and freshening up for the most-awaited interview.
Let these job interview stories and tips serve as your guide in making wise actions. Need more career advice and job interview tools? Visit Best 10 Resume Writer’s resume help page and review the best resume writing services in the US. Got questions on how we craft these kinds of reviews? Read our review basis or call us now! Sources:,Inc., Buzzfeed, CareerBuilder, HeySigmund, TheMuse