People Management and Leadership Tips Every Leader Should Know

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To most leaders, people management is the hardest part of their job. People aren’t easy to quantify and control given their diverse personalities, responsibilities, ambitions, and pet peeves. But as their leader, you should do whatever it takes to keep your team in line. Allow these leadership tips and advice to hone your leadership skills and manage your people better.

What Is People Management?

Also known as, Human Resource Management, this function focuses on recruiting, providing support and direction to young professionals, and managing a group of people in a team or organization. You should hire the right members of your team and bring out the best in them to succeed in this task.

10 Modern Management Practices of Great Leaders

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1. Choose the right people.

Effective leadership and people management starts with hiring the best possible people for the team. Ensure that each member has the right skills and more importantly, fits your team culture.

2. Be the mentor, not the expert.

Gone were the days of the authoritarian style of management. If you want to keep your team intact, you should practice being a servant-leader. Be one with the team and achieve goals together.

3. Be an active listener.

To be an effective listener, you should give your undivided attention to the speaker rather than just passively hearing their words. Many experts agree that doing so greatly motivates your team members.

4. Maintain good and clear communication.

Keep your team updated on ongoing projects, goals, and deadlines. Sharing these vital pieces of information will make your team feel trusted, involved, and committed to their job.

5. Humanize yourself.

Most employees want leaders who are genuine, informed, and approachable. Rather than isolating yourself in your office cubicle, you should be more open to build a rapport with the team.

6. Learn to delegate responsibility.

Being a leader shouldn’t mean doing everything on your own. Good people management skills distribute tasks fairly and accepting help to take some weight off your shoulder.

7. Walk your talk.

It ticks off your team when they see you firing tasks and rules at them while you do nothing or otherwise. You must set an example and follow it yourself. Work hard to earn your team’s respect.

8. Try to be positive and constructive.

Congratulate your team when they do something great. Apply the BIO model (explain the Behavior, the Impact, and the available Options) when giving feedback on poor performance.

9. Allow crazy ideas.

Encourage innovation by showing your team that crazy out-of-the-box ideas are welcome and can materialize when it’s worth the try. Cultivate the culture of learning by taking risks and supporting team.

10. Commend and reward your team.

Appreciating your team’s efforts may seem trivial, but it can make all the difference to how people feel on the job. However, your rewards should vary on how your members like to receive prizes.

Team leadership is not an easy task to take. As a leader, you need to exert tons of efforts to steer your team in one direction. Following the tips on people management listed above can help you better and motivate not only yourself but also your team.

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