The Challenging Search for a Perfect Career

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Is there a perfect career for each and every one of us, or is it just a myth? Also, if a career is similar to looking for a job, then can it also be obtained through scanning job listings, posting an online resume, and meeting recruiters for job interviews?

Actually, a career is not the same with a job, with the former being an expression of our personality, what we believe in and stand for, or what our life and work means. Moreover, a career defines you. Thus, the question is: How are you going to find or discover it?

The Journey to Your Perfect Career

In the process, you may probably wonder if you’ve made the right choice. Should you have followed what others think was the perfect career for you, or should you have listened more what your inner self is saying as the perfect one?

Below are factors to guide you in reflecting the path you took to attain your current spot in this world:

  • Things that are important to you
  • How your life and work represent you
  • Your first day at work and how you started
  • The way you systematically chose your career

You may probably ask yourself: if you had a choice, is there anything that you want to change?

Choosing the Right Path 

find the perfect career

The quest to finding the perfect career path might lead you to many job detours. According to career experts, one person can go through an average of five career changes in a lifetime, depending on life expectancy. So don’t worry about people passing judgement in your employment history. Instead, work on improving your craft and other job-related skills.

Career choice changes from time to time because our outlook in life changes, too. Further, they may be the result of certain life circumstances, increased social awareness, or influence by social groups that you belong to. Sometimes, your hormones have something to do with it. So as time passes, the attractive job role you thought exciting in your 20’s may not be the same when you reach 40. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a specific career path you feel you identify the most?
Is there a role you’re sure you can live your whole life fulfilling?
Do you feel your current job leads to lifelong satisfaction and fulfillment?

Hence, the bottom line for this exercise underlines your firm resolve in your staying power in your chosen career. In fact, every job position can be your perfect career path. Further, with the right mindset, work ethic, and dedication, any job offer you take becomes your best decision ever.

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