10 Ugly Statements You Should Never Say to People Searching for Jobs

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Searching for opportunities is the most tiring and distressing portion in the job hunt game. Apart from waiting in vain for employers’ to respond to their application, the feeling of being repeatedly rejected for the job is rough and dejecting. If you have a job seeker friend, family member, or relative, running a commentary on their job hunt status requires extra caution.

Behold these 10 ugly comments and questions you should never ask to people searching for jobs. We’ve included the answers, so you don’t have to wonder why they’re rude. 

1. “Any updates?”

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We’ve just talked about my recent rejection last 2 days ago, so I hope you’ll find the answer, “nothing,” as uncomfortable as it is embarrassing. If you feel like I have nothing to say, changing the topic is truly appreciated.

2. “Haven’t found the job yet?”

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This question is the same as the first one – only ruder. There are people who are lucky to find their jobs right away. It’s not my fault I’m not one of them.

3. “Are you really sure you’re qualified for the job?”

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My degree, skills, and abilities say yes. But I hope you won’t think I’m being overconfident for trying.

4. “Don’t you have any connections that can help you get a job?”

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Other people searching for jobs may be lucky to have their own connections as leverage. Unluckily, I don’t have any – and if I do, still that won’t guarantee me to win the job.

5. “You must be nice to have a lot of free time!”

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I don’t think you should find stressing-and-concerning-about-finding-a-job-everyday fun. Yes, I do have a lot of free time, but just so you know, most of them aren’t fun. The longer I’m unemployed the deeper my confidence sinks.

6. “I told you to pick a different major.”

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This warns me of the following “I told you so” lecture. Job hunting is like dating – it’s nerve-wracking and personal. I know where my career should be going, but if you insist, I’m out.

7. “Enjoy all the free time you have, because you’ll miss it when you have a job.”

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Yeah, sure! I’m going to miss pitying myself while watching my friends start climbing up the career ladder.

8. “Let’s go out! You don’t look like those busy people searching for jobs!”

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Just because I’m unemployed, doesn’t mean I’m having a good time. I’m volunteering and doing activities that may add to my skill set and experience.

9. “Why don’t you try [Insert in-demand job that is way out of one’s profession] instead? A lot of companies are hiring for that position.”

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I think considering a job that’s way out of my passion and degree will make my job search more grueling and distressing. Thanks, but no thanks. 

10. And lastly… “Hey, [name of person] finally gets a job. How about you?”

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Can I just walk out, like, right now?

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