10 Best Resume Writing Services in Arizona to Hire This 2023

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best resume writing services in Arizona

As of February 2022, Arizona’s economy has been able to almost fully bounce back from the pandemic. With the state teeming with new opportunities, job seekers will want to invest in one of the most important tools in their job search: a solid, job-winning resume. Some may opt to write their own resumes, but not everyone can do it like the pros do. But there are many resume writing firms out there; how do you find a quality resume writer in Arizona?

That’s where Best 10 Resume Writers comes in. We’re here to guide job seekers through the sea of resume writing services and help them get a quality resume at a great price point without hassle. Here’s a quick overview of the best resume writing services in Arizona, ranked based on quality, price, and delivery time. Read on to find the best resume writer in Arizona for you.

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Arizona

To help you decide which resume writing services in Arizona to hire, we’ve listed some of the main factors you should consider. These include each company’s perks, fails, delivery time, price range, and reviews. Read on.


1. Resume Professional Writers

resume professional writers hero section

First on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona is Resume Professional Writers. They’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, having started writing resumes for people all over the world in 2000. Aside from their resume service, they also provide other job search tools such as their LinkedIn profile writing service.

Their writers have experience in numerous industries, so they’ll be able to make a winning resume no matter what position you want to enter. They’re even able to write federal resumes that are proven to beat applicant tracking systems (ATSs), a program that prevents many resumes from getting to hiring managers. They wouldn’t be able to retain their 96% satisfaction rate without this type of expertise otherwise.

Perks: They offer 6 months of free resume updates for finished resumes and have a 60-day interview guarantee. If you’re unable to get any interviews within 60 days, they’ll revise your resume for free. Aside from that, their resume writing services are quite affordable and come with lifetime storage. You will never lose your resume ever again!

Fails: They only work on business days, so the turnaround may be a little longer than what you had in mind.

Delivery Time: They promise to deliver your resume three to four (3-4) business days for basic, deluxe, and federal resume packages. Meanwhile, their premium and ultimate packages promise to deliver even faster — two (2) business days and one (1), respectively.

Price Range: Their most affordable package costs $125, while their most expensive is $485.

Contact: 1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Trustpilot

resume professional writers trustpilot review

2. Perfect Resume

perfect resume hero section

Situated in Phoenix, Perfect Resume is next on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona. They have a unique approach to resume writing, focusing not on the job seeker, but instead on the reader—hiring managers and human resources. They promise a 98% success rate with this method because they convey exactly what hiring managers want to read. Aside from that, they make sure your resume reaches a hiring manager.

They’ve been featured on Yahoo! after they helped a woman land a job after three years of job hunting and unemployment. That says a lot about their ability to make a quality resume for job seekers in Arizona. In addition, they offer other job search tools such as cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Perks: They boast a 98% success rate and 100% satisfaction guarantee made possible by their expertise and is helped by the fact that they offer unlimited revisions for 30 days after your order’s completion.

Fails: Unfortunately, they have a strictly no refund policy, which can be a deal-breaker for some job seekers. Aside from that, they don’t really have a concrete turnaround time.

Delivery Time: They’ll keep working with you until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Price Range: They have a tiered pricing system based on your years of experience. Their resume creation services start at $225 for entry-level job seekers, while their resume revamp services are at a more affordable $199.

Contact: +1 602-904-5349

Reviews: 4.5/5 on Yelp

perfect resume yelp review

3. Virtuoso Resumes

virtuoso resumes hero section

Third on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona is Virtuoso Resumes. Founded in 2007, the firm promises to perfect your first impression through professionally written resumes and LinkedIn profiles. They’re based in the East Valley and provide more than just resume writing services; they can also remake your LinkedIn profile, write cover letters, and provide hiring solutions. That last bit matters because they keep your resumes on hand for when businesses come to them looking for stellar employees.

Perks: Aside from their resume writing services, Virtuoso Resumes also has an “applicant intelligence” service that claims can bypass the traditional online job application.

Fails: If you’re in a rush, this isn’t the resume writing service for you as they don’t have any concrete turnaround times. They’re also quite pricy compared to a few of the services on this list.

Delivery Time: Much like Perfect Resume, they don’t have a set turnaround time. They will work with job seekers for as long or as short as it takes to create a resume that they’re satisfied with.

Price Range: Their resume writing service starts at $299 for entry-level job seekers.

Contact: +1 (480) 499-3588

Reviews: 5/5 on Yelp

virtuoso resumes yelp review

4. Best Words Editing

best words editing hero section

Best Words Editing’s site may look a little sparse, but it’s straight to the point. Located in the northern Phoenix area, they offer only four (4) packages, which make it easier for job seekers to figure out what package to buy.

But one of the features that Best Words Editing has that makes it one of the best resume writing services in Arizona is its care for its customers. Returning clients can avail of their Resume Refresh service, which is much cheaper.

Perks: They have a fast turnaround time and offer a special package to returning clients.

Fails: They have no info regarding refund policies, which may be a deal-breaker for some job seekers.

Delivery Time: They promise to deliver your first draft within 3 business days.

Price Range: Their Resume Overhaul service starts at $225.

Contact: +1 (541) 743-1616

Reviews: 5/5 on Yelp

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5. Resume Prime

resume prime homepage

Next on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona is Resume Prime. Being in the business for more than ten (10) years, they have writers who can write resumes for numerous industries.

Like Best Words before it, Resume Prime has only four packages. The first three are regular resumes with extra job search tools added, like cover letters and LinkedIn profile rewrites. The last one is for federal resume writing.

Perks: They have a fast turnaround time, which is ideal for job seekers in a rush. Like Resume Professional Writers, they offer lifetime storage for your projects with them and free unlimited revisions for six (6) months from order completion. Clients are also entitled to one (1) resume update in the same timeframe.

Fails: Their social media presence is lackluster, leading to a lack of reviews.

Delivery Time: They promise to deliver within three (3) business days.

Price Range: Their resume writing services range from $190 for their Starter Pack to $300 for their Advanced Pack, which also includes a LinkedIn profile revamp and cover letter.

Contact: +1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 5/5 on Sitejabber

resume prime sitejabber review

6. Full Circle Resumes

full circle resumes homepage

This next entry is the most affordable among the list of the best resume writing services in Arizona. Nonetheless, don’t let the price fool you—the quality is not compromised. Full Circle Resume has a tiered pricing system that scales based on your years of experience.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your resume, they offer revisions until 30 days after order completion. Aside from that, they ensure job seekers will pass the ATS.

Perks: It has one of the most affordable price ranges of any resume writer in Arizona.

Fails: You have to pay to add information that you didn’t mention during the order process. Aside from that, you can only request a refund within three (3) days of receiving your final resume.

Delivery Time: Their standard turnaround time is five (5) days, but they have a rush service you can avail of that guarantees delivery within 48 hours.

Price Range: Their prices range from $69 to $109, depending on your years of experience.

Contact: Contact Full Circle Resumes through their contact page.

Reviews: 5/5 on Yelp

full circle resume yelp reviews

7. Resume Valley

resume valley hero section

Resume Valley is yet another very affordable entry in our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona. While slightly pricier than Full Circle, what gives it an edge is that its rates are the same for all of its services, including its CV writing and LinkedIn profile services.

They boast of excellent customer service and a career-targeted and skills-focused writing style that will be sure to help job seekers have a winning resume. However, one downside is that their turnaround time is longer than other resume writing firms on this list.

Perks: Their resume writing services are very affordable and have the same pricing regardless of your years of experience.

Fails: Their turnaround time is five (5) business days. This may make the wait for your resume longer than expected depending on when you placed your order.

Delivery Time: They promise to deliver within five (5) business days.

Price Range: All of their services can be availed of at $99

Contact: +1 (877) 780 – 7377

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

resume valley review in trustpilot

8. Phoenix Resumes

phoenix resumes hero section

Featured in The Arizona Republic, our next entry on the list of best resume writing services in Arizona is Phoenix Resumes. They have around 30 years of resume writing experience under their belt with hundreds of glowing testimonials. Aside from writing keyword-optimized resumes, they also write cover and thank-you letters, and offer career coaching. Their services come with file storage and future updating as well.

Perks: They boast a 98% success rate, but in the event that their clients don’t receive multiple interviews, job seekers can avail of a free resume rewrite.

Fails: There’s no information about their refund policy, which can be a deal-breaker for some people. Aside from that, their turnaround time is rather long at five (5) or more business days. They’re also a little pricier than other entries on this list.

Delivery Time:  They promise proof after around five (5) business days.

Price Range: Their packages are priced according to your years of experience and range from $239 to $289.

Contact: +1 (602) 689-9903

Reviews: 5/5 on Yelp

phoenix resumes yelp review

9. Arizona Resume

arizona resume hero section

The next entry on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona has been featured on Fox 10 News. This resume writing firm serves the Greater Phoenix, it promises to turn your resume into gold.

Aside from offering quality resume writing services, Arizona Resume also offers career coaching, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile revamps in a variety of industries, from engineering to real estate. However, these will cost a pretty penny; it’s one of the most expensive resume writing services on our list.

Perks: The team at Arizona Resume has extensive experience in the resume writing business, having served clients for upwards of 31 years.

Fails: They are quite pricy compared to other entries in our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona. There’s also no mention of a turnaround time nor a refund policy on their site.

Delivery Time: N/A

Price Range: Prices are tiered based on your years of experience. Resume writing services for entry-level job seekers start at $299, while their most expensive package (which also includes a cover letter and LinkedIn profile rewrite) is priced at $749.

Contact: +1 602-595-4488

Reviews: 4.5/5 on Yelp

arizona resume review in yelp

10. HiConsulting Services

hiconsultingservices for resume writing services in arizona
10 Best Resume Writing Services in Arizona to Hire This 2023 1

HiConsulting Services is a trusted resume writing firm in Arizona. Their wide range of career development services includes career coaching (mock, skills-based, technical, unstructured, phone, and in-person interviews), career discovery, resume building, salary negotiation, and networking. And if those aren’t enough, they also have customized services for small businesses.

Perks: They use ATS resume testing software to guarantee their clients that their job search documents are effectively written.

Fails: Their services are expensive compared to those of their competitors.

Delivery Time: The turnaround time for the first draft of your resume is three (3) business days. However, if you need your resume at an earlier date, you need to pay a minimum of $95 to expedite the process. The additional fee may also change depending on the delivery window and services requested.

Price Range: They have three (3) packages: Job Seeker Starter, Job Seeker Complete, and Job Seeker VIP. These cost $599, $999, and $1,799, respectively.

Contact: 623 738-4470

Reviews: 4.8/5 on Google; 5/5 on Glassdoor

HiConsulting Services google reviews

Let the Best Resume Writing Services in Arizona Tailor Your Resume

Before consulting any of the firms on our list of the best resume writing services in Arizona, it’s best for job seekers to be sure about what they want to achieve in their careers. By being clearer about your goals, any of these resume writers in Arizona will surely have an easier time writing you a stellar, job-winning resume.

Then, pick the firm that best suits your needs. Budget, time, and expertise are surely factors. But whichever resume writing service job seekers pick from our list will give them an eye-catching resume. Consult one of the best resume writing services in Arizona today and take a step toward a successful job hunt!

Want to know how we came up with our top picks? Check out our in-depth review methodology.